Some of the new Civ stuff for other civs?

Like Mule Cart for nomad Civs like Huns?.
Or fortified churchs for monk Civs like Spanish?
Those are just 2 random examples.

Dont really know how much will affect balance in games a change like this but some more Mule Carts sonds cool for some civs and if a civ its a little on the weak side a fortified curch could help.

Just carefull to who get what of course. Just those new elements of game seems cool to use.


The Huns should really get a nomadic playstyle. Packing towncenters and mule carts.


A good idea. In Age of Empires 4 this was introduced with the Mongols. A transplant to Age 2 is only a positive thing, so that with possible new “Nomadic civs” we will get a greater scope in the future.

My goal for the game is, to get a lot more out of the current content. So that the Age 2 can compete well with Age of Empires 3 and 4. Age 4 in particular will catch up in terms of quality in the future…



Good idea.

Yes, of couse. These 2 new game elements that will come with the upcoming Caucasus DLC will add new spice to the game. Considering to the high numbers of civs in this game, these two additional game elements help the game itself.

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Spanish don’t need any more buffs FFS. Fortified Church for Byzantines might actually fit though.


As for the Spanish, you may be right to keep the unfortified church, as the other advantages are big enough.

A very fitting idea, to give a fortify church for the Byzantines. I hope this will be introduced in one of the next updates.

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Yeah, my point its thst someone else have those new gameplay elements, Spanish and Huns were 2 examples.

Byzantines are another good option for Fortified churchs.

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Of course, and so there is not much difference or separation between the mechanics of AoE 2 and AoE 3/AoE 4…remember that AoM and AoE 3 came out at a time influenced by the variety of mechanics that WC3 brought…

Still waiting for a trade cog or trade cart that can loosely defend itself until reinforcements come.

The problem with giving mule carts to nomadic civs would turn the unit/building from a caucasus (2 civs) regional unit to a steppe one (3 civs (Cumans, Huns, Mongols)), with Georgians and Armenians also having them because… idk?
I mean, there’s no a lot of specific correlation that relates caucasian and steppe civs in a way steppe and east asian or steppe and eastern european civs weren’t related.
It’s weird to have a Caucasus + Steppe regional unit/building.

If you consider nomadic civs to not be nomadic enough, I’d rather ask for some regional building or mechanic specifically for them that achieves something similar, like a pack/unpack mechanics for drop off buildings.

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