Some (optional) balance suggestions for June

The best thing would be to separate the three discounts:

  • age up to 20%
  • university to 33%
  • dock to 30%

We can do the math, I guess that if this is a relevant nerf on water you can increase the university discount. If it is a relevant buff, you can work in the opposite direction.

Lets bump down to 60F/65G

Dear God why? They are better then knights in almost every regard

No, they aren’t better than Knight - How many Boyars have you seen compared to Knights?

That has more to do with requiring a castle then anything else.


They are useless crap, thats the second reason.

Yeah the unit with more attack and health and armor rhen a cavalier is useless crap. Give me a break. The only problem boyar face atm is requiring a castle and the 80 gold price tag

You see many Boyars in lategame TGs when you have infinite gold and many Castles - Oh wait.

They are better then or equal to knights in health, attack, and armor overall.
They are better then cavalier in health, armor and attack.

But If that’s useless crap I guess knights are clearly useless.

Again. Because they require a castle. How often do you honestly see unique units in general?

I see Unique Units which are good, I don’t see Unique Units which are bad. I am not suprised I don’t see more Teutonic Knights or Shotel Warriors.

Yeah? Maybe at lower levels but pro games are almost always knights + archers aren’t thry? Twam games are a horrible example to use

So tell me a good a Unique Unit which is not used at Pro Level.

Even in battle of Africa 2 it was very rare 5o see unique units perido

But frankly we rarely see most unique units at the pro level. Because the cadtle requirement.

So you will always avoid my question 11

Even when the leitis was great we rarely saw it in favor of knights. Because it was easier to mass knights. Food for thought.

We often saw Leitis. I even remember Nicov raging about it them in a Nomad TeamGame.

Not often was it saw. Just because you remember one or two games means nothing. Knights were the go to

Yes, because they are Imperial Age Unique Units and Castle Age Unique Units and Leitis was an Imperial Age Unique Unit.

Almost all unique units are imperial age units due to the castle cost. So yeah. We rarely see unique units. Period. The gold cost and castle cost are what keep the boyar from being seen. It beats slavs orger cavalry options head and shoulders though.

Should it be cheaper? Absolutely. Should it be what you recommended? Not even close