Some other bugs I found (build 83607, Windows 10, Steam)

  1. Attack move with war ships does not make units attack closest enemy unit/building (they prefer targets from far away instead)
  2. Formations may force all units to maintain the same speed even after manually commanding them to attack nearby specific targets (not via attack move).
  3. Game does not auto-update the previously shown pause screen message if its hotkey is changed
  4. Game loses focus when screen automatically shuts down
  5. Game recording happens still, even after having it disabled through settings
  6. Inconsistent spam-create unit buttons (sometimes they work by holding them down, sometimes they don’t)
  7. Military AI-commanded units may not help/assist nearby units (of their own) when under attack
  8. Not all villagers automatically start gathering resources after creating a resource-deposit building
  9. Scenario editor does not respect player color settings when testing scenarios
  10. Scenario editor: to select an option within the Units tab, then go to another tab, then return to the Units tab, shows the “Select” box checked, while the former action is still ongoing (despite UI saying the contrary)
  11. Melee units can attack objectives beyond walls (with walls between them and their objectives)
  12. Villagers can get stuck between buildings and other villagers while working with resource-gathering points (particularly found this issue around mines)