Some proposals to French and Chinese buff

I’m a Chinese player not good at English. So there will be some grammatical mistakes, I’ll try to make sure these is readable.
Although French has a powerful influence,it must be unlocked by a keep. After cost-down of economy technology,French economy is far weaker than other Civilization. That means it is difficult to unlock French influence.
So why not let French get the cost of units produced from Archery Ranges and Stables by -10%or-8% every time.And Keep influence not change.Of course,let Town Centers work rate increased per age up +0%, +5%, +10%, +15% to balance and make a distinction with song dynasty.These changes will make French economy expand smoother.
At Civilization introduction,it introduce Chinese is quick-expansion civilization.But in the game Chinese usually defends until castle age.Chinese is difficult to gather deer or other food in the wild in feudal age,because Chinese economy Bonuses need a mount of resources to unlock and Chinese very need it, such as song dynasty and Imperial official.So when song dynasty is be weaken. Chinese becomes disadvantaged civilization.
I think influence of Imperial Academy must be buffed,to make sure song dynasty is unnecessary.Chinese can stay tang dynasty to attack at early feudal age or get song dynasty at a correct timing. let Chinese get tax Gold of building within influence of Imperial Academy.And give Keep same influence bonus, because tax Gold is useless after early age.

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The label of Chinese civilization has changed, now it is dynasty, gunpowder, taxes. But these three aspects are not good at present, especially in the Ming Dynasty.

I kinda like those a lot. But anything to make them stronger