Some pup feedback


like the idea behind the king, but needs to scale better in stats and aura as you age and an armor active for more micro. a unique model is needed, maybe rename it to bishop or a chance for a queen to spawn instead. a historical name after title too. either way a much needed improvement.

council hall change was also very much needed, its now relevant entire game.

Wynguard rangers and infantry could also use more unique stats and models that help them standout more. a dedicated Wynguard cavalry too. their train time could use a further reduction.

farm gold and attack speed aura nerfs will hurt, but overall England should be more fun.


like that house of wisdom is about opening new playstyles for age 2, could be taken a step further.

have Preservation of Knowledge also halve research speed, homing in on tech advantage timings.

have Fertile Crescent reduce build time for economic buildings as well, making eco booms even more potent. cost bonus either increased/reduced by 5% mainly to be rid of fractional costs.

Boot Camp also grants infantry the ability to rapidly build military production buildings. military wing also enables early men at arms, camel riders and knights. really opens up the options for early aggressive Abbasid play.


like the elephant changes, especially the gun elephants but maybe war elephants could get a bump to base hp. there is alot of ranged damage late game and the armor isn’t enough.


maybe exchange militia speed and increase hp? speed allows them to be very effective at harrassing, while if they are tanky they allow buildings and units to deal damage. a short range snare ability as well.


Want more. Don’t know what, but more.


need to change the narrative of trade in this game, especially in 1v1. not sure how to make trade feel good, but perhaps increasing trader cost to 200 gold, 50 wood while increasing base rate by 3.0x? cap max gold for team game eco pacing as well.

rather than a dangerous, slow but infinite source of gold, recast its role as a very high risk/high reward strategy with a steep initial investment and massive returns. or something else entirely.


don’t know if they are balanced, but these changes taking the game in the right direction. being bland and samey are one of the biggest problems currently, some more early game variables and excitement and real options in landmarks are a good thing.