Some questions

This is not a post asking the devs to remove stuff, change names or anything like that. Seeing they say they are watching the forums I purely like to ask why certain discissions were made.

My first question is the Iroqouis name change. From my understand the English word is just Iroqouis and Haudenosee is the own language name, just like German is the English word for Deutschland. Is this a wrong thought?

Second is the firepit building. Again from my understanding is that dancing was important part of their lives and the firepit building was the thing reflecting this, again is this a wrong thought?

Third are there any plans to give new content like the US and new units like the Napoleon gun history descriptions which was done in vanilla?

Speaking of Napoleon gun how did you decide its name? The closest I could find was the 12 pounder Napoleon which was a US term for the Canon Obusier de 12, of which the official nickname in France was the Emperors cannon.

Fourth is the name for the US in-game. How was the discission made to name it United States and not like the general trend of the other civs of being named people groups?

Fifth is how the descission came to make the inbetween dlc civ the US and not say like Brasil or an other civ?

Sixst what was the discission about renaming the Discovery age, but in AoE II the dark age has not been renamed?

Seventh is the African dlc going to be the final content for the game seeing AoE IV is coming?

4- American refer to people from that continent and USA came from british.

7- They maybe add more content cause they are different devs and periods of time.