Some Suggestions about the Jeanne d'Arc civ

Rename the Civ to Duchy of Orleans
Rename Jeanne d’Arc to Maid of Orleans
Remove the Maid of Orleans’ hand cannon they were unreliable weapons dangerous for leaders to use.
Redo the unique unit art it looks ugly
The infantry could be renamed to sergeants
the Cavalry could be renamed to coustillier
as the civ has been presented it looks to us history nerds to be disrespectful to the history you are trying to represent.
Change names, effects, or looks of things that have not yet been revealed to be more palatable to history buffs.
some of the suggestions that I and the rest of the community have made would take months to implement so devs please be active about communicating your intentions for these civs to the community if you decide to make changes that take more time to implement.
I love this game and a lot of work the devs had done so far has exceeded my expectations.
please don’t have the variant civs in the ranked and quick match pool at launch.



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They aren’t to going to do a bunch of functional changes at this point.

The best you could possibly hope for is the making the “civ” name less weird.


This though. Quick play doesn’t really care, even if it’s OP balance between players is never granted. Or is it? I don’t remember… Ranked is another can of worms.

There’s like 0 chance they aren’t in ranked on launch.

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I mean, some changes aren’t that necessary, but some would make the civ more accessible for a lot of people, and it would be a fair compromise.


You mean accessible in the sense that the lot of history nerds won’t be too offended to play her?

No I meat to write acceptable, not accessible… it’s the autocorrect fault.

I meant that it would be a small compromise to at least satisfie a bit the more hardcore history fans, while changing very little for the civ.

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To me the units can be named whatever since the most inaccurate thing is Jeanne d’Arc herself. Changing the names that way it’s just a sop.

You mean its bodyguards? Yeah those can stay as they are, but both the civ and Joan renamed would help making the civ more acceptable for a lot of people.