Some suggestions about the operating experience

Forgive me ,I’m a noob.

1.When ordered to attack ,I want my troops to attack the enemy near the target area instead of the enemy near themselves.Or add a command that prevents units from attacking buildings.
For example,when the enemy knight attacked my bombard,I want my spearman to protect them,but if I just press “a”,they are going to attack nearby buildings or other unimprotant things,if I right click on one knight it will prevent other knights from being attacked.

2.If the number of fields is equal to the number of selected villagers,no more fields can be planted.
Sometimes a mistake would result in 12 fields being planted with 10 villagers selected,and there were no villagers to work in those 2 fields until the game was over.

3.I wish I could manually choose whether to treat monks and scouts as militaty units.
It seems to me that rus monks need this function.I sometimes included a scout in the troops to provide a view,but I wanted him to just follow the troops instead of rushing to the front to die.

4.The complete technology interface can be displayed through shortcut keys.
When I have blacksmith and university at the same time,some technology is blocked.The same goes for military buildings.

5.I wish I can see the detailed properties of all units in the main screen.

If there is any shortage ,welcome to add.


Strongly agree
The second point needs improvement,It is only necessary to mark the vacant fields as idle and the villagers will solve it。