Some suggestions for an upcoming DLC

I think the next civilizations should come for each continent example:

Africa: Zulues, Ethiopians
America: Mayas, Mapuches, Muiscas.
Asia: Koreans, Persians, Cambodians
Europe: Italians, Poles, Hungarians, Tartaros.
Oceania: Mauritius, Papuans
the civilizations I describe there are examples.

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Mayas were a minor civ at the start of the 16th century, nowhere near the same level as the Aztecs. Their inclusion makes sense in Aoe2 but not Aoe3.

Aztecs also do not make sense in AoE3, since they got wiped out at the very beginning of it.

none of those make sense from the games perspective.

denmark-norway is the only colonial nation we miss and they are fare more important than those 2 in particular.

hungary was just a part of the habsburg empire, and already is represented as a revolution which is the fair thing to do with them since they weren’t an independent state.

the Tartars are litterally a part of russia, semi independent perhaps but they make zero sense as a nation, perhaps as natives if we ever get eastern european maps.


It is worth noting that the Tatars are already in the game as a civilization in Historical Battles. There are also Berbers, Ethiopians and Somalis. They have their own buildings - yes, the Tatars too. It is only a matter of time before they appear as fully fledged civilizations. It seems to me that this is a trailer for future extensions (or a free update. The addition of Home City personalization for the Chinese shocked me - we can expect many nice surprises). I think the Tatars can be a free new Asian civilization (like the Swedes and Incas). Berbers, Ethiopians and Somalis will likely be part of the new African DLC. It is quite possible that another civilization will join them (to even out the number of non-European civilizations).

They just use a bunch of Chinese units and the Cavalry Archer unit that Russians and Ottomans get.
The buildings are also Russian buildings and Chinese Villages.

They are far from a proper civ, unlike the Barbary Coast (Berbers, Moroccans, Algerians) and Ethiopian units.
Even Somalians only get one unit unique to themselves.

Fall of the Rajas - Sinhala, Siam
Sultans - Acceh sultanate, Persians
Trade Empires - Venice, Genoa
Wrath of the Lion - Zulu , Mali, Oromo
Confronting Dragon - Korea, Vietnam

Many people are requesting the official addition of the dummy civilizations that appear in the campaign. According to their opinion, the Black family should also become a new civilization.

I could see Ethiopians being included for sure. I’m skeptical about Somalis but maybe, although i think there are other more noteworthy african civs.

Wasn’t Barbary States under Ottoman Control? If so, adding them would not make much sense and they’re also a revolution civ like USA anyway if i remember correctly.

Tatars is a big no for reasons i shouldn’t have to explain.

There are many civilizations in Africa that will inspire interest without compromising the theme of the game. If they give them new systems and differentiate them from existing civilizations, developers will be recognized for their design skills and people will enjoy the new African civilization.

Multi-balance will also be easy to set. If they not had a house with the ability to generate resources automatically.

It was a protectorate. If they were to add a civ with all those Berber units, it should be Morocco, which was not under Ottoman control.


This would be ridiculous as they are basically spanish, germans and britons with minor changes.

However, the knights of Malta did have colonies on the caribeen (even though for a perĂ­od). That being said the maltese were not relevant (apart from the fights with the ottos) so a playable civ might be too much. Perhaps a minor civ in an European map

I think the developer has not shown all the possibilities of these civilizations - except for Berbers, because we have the pleasure to play with them.


From what I noticed, you write about new civilizations under any topic. If you don’t want them, don’t interfere here. We all already know your opinion on this. Don’t ruin the topics.

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Well, they are not really developed, but there is already a Berber civ jingle in the game files, and an African Villager unit portrait.

I like it, it fits right in with the other ones.
Devs probably want to dio an African exansion, but unfortunately the game is basically dead, and purists want to keep it that way, so the only way for us to show that there is still money to be made in expanded content, is keep posting conversations in threads like these.

Worked for AoE2 DE.

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This is a great portrait.

You’re right. How can you say you love AoE 3 and wish her dead?

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I differ from your answer if you investigate the Mayans were conquered by the Spanish in 1697 that their last city fell, and the Mayans were in many regions not only in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Mexico, and the Mexicas (Aztecs) were conquered in 1521. So therefore if they can be in AOE3 it is not a late civilization, as everyone believes.

Also if you look at the AOE3 Editor there are many structures, and Units that can be recycled to make it.It is my humble opinion.

The misconception that the Maya civilization predate Mexica civilization because they hear about the Classic Maya collapse in the 900s and incorrectly assume it was some sort of permanent collapse of civilization, like you see in works of fiction such as Fallout and Metro.

The Mayan as people still live today and are even the majority in some Mexican states but their Empire collapsed more than 1000 years ago. They belong into AoE1 not AoE3.
They work perfectly as a minor civilisation.

Sure, the Mayan still existed in the 1500s but the peak of Mayan civilization was long gone and nowhere near the Aztec empire