Some suggestions for changes

Now the game has changed a lot, two civilizations have been added at the same time, the sense of fun is stronger, I believe the game will be better and better, I would like to thank the developers for their efforts!
Here are some of my humble opinions about games.
Abbey of Kings in English and Chamber of Commerce in French need to add a passive effect to enhance their competitiveness. Especially in 1V1. Abbey of Kings will also reduce the cost of Longbowman. and Chamber of Commerce will unlock a tech from Royal Knight - Chivalry.
All landmarks where military units can be built are affected by Blacksmith’s military academy technology, and the Chinese Astronomical Clocktower should also be affected by the military academy technology; In the Song dynasty, the construction time of the villagers was reduced by 35% and changed to 30% or 25%; In the Yuan Dynasty, increasing movement speed by 15% no longer worked for traders, so it doesn’t need to work for Trade ships either; Strengthen the Grenadier,He has to go into the high cost Ming Dynasty to build, it’s a bit weak at the moment, I think should increase Weapon range from 3 to 3.5.
Malians, Griot Bara “food festival” : increase food acquisition. It doesn’t feel very useful in later stages. It’s better to increase the movement speed of military units instead.
Ottomans Janissary takes +50% damage from ranged units, I think reduced from 50% to 35% to increase their survivability; Unique technology “Janissary Company” : 2 per military school, changed to a fixed value. 2 in Age 1, 4 in Age 2, 8 in Age 3, 15 in Age 4. It can be used more freely without being restricted by military schools, and it will not be weak in later Age 4.
These are some of my suggestions, thank you!My English is not good, sorry!