Some suggestions from the mod author

  • Hi, I am the author of a mod for Age of Empires iii Decision.
    Our mod added modern weapons like tanks for Age of Empires III decision, but the turrets of these armored vehicles didn’t turn because of the Age of Empires engine. I hope the production team can add relevant code in the future.
    Second, the current age of Empires 3 resource flow can only be positive. In the mod we were thinking about, we wanted some countries to have negative resource flows to indicate some negative effects. Hopefully there will be code in the future.
    Happy New Year to you all.
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Hello !
I´ve had the same issues / thinkings as you.

  1. Shouldnt this be possible if you make it like a wagon ? Creating a model, that technnically is drawn by a " cow " but the cow is the turret ?

  2. Yes, the only way to make this possible is with triggers. But triggers can start to make the game lag and add a huge chance of creating a OOS party.

  3. Cute tank models !

Happy new year !


Thank you for your reply.
As for the carriage, we tried, and when the carriage turns, the horse and the carriage turn together.
Happy New Year.


We had too much content in this module to fit into the module features that came with Age of Empires iii Decision.
If you have QQ, you can add this QQ group: 985250340
Here you can download the complete module.

Look, this is the tank we modded and we really need the code to make the turret turn.