Some suggestions that could be added to AOE 2 Definitive Edition

I play with a small Community who think some of these ideas could be seen more of a positive addition to the game, for AOE 2 Definite Edition.

Ability to Reconnect to a game if you crash:
I can’t stress this enough, as this is heavily seen in AOE 2 and it frustrates a lot of people when accidental DC’s happen.
Yeah you can save and quit but It takes one from a 4v4 lobby just to click continue and you have to surrender, and the games not even saved so It’s a waste of time.
So If someone DC’s some basic detection that just shows the player has resigned, but has a timer counting down before the player is fully resigned etc, the person that has dced, has the option they can join back to the game or quit.

Have a lobby leaderboard
It will be soo good to know a players Wins / Loss ratio.
Within the leaderboard offer different things like, overall ELO rank, regoin rank, score world wide.

Have the ability to reset your ELO doing so will reset leaderboard stats.
Been a Smurf from time to time is always fun but it comes with a cost of your stats.

Possible voice chat in the lobby menu?
Everyone has a headset with a microphone, it will be good to utilize this for potential communication to set up teams or even voice comms during the game.
Again, this could be an option that could be toggled on or off.

Different ELO Structure
Using the game League of legends as an example, offer badges / tiers if you hit a certain ELO type.

Other Ideas would include a online website for AOE replays.
A place where members could upload a snippet or a replay of a game that has happened.
Which could be a HUB for Aoe clips.

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Agree with these, except reseting ELO. Smurfing hurts comeptitive games, especially their influx of new plyer, you have no idea how many potential new comers to AoE2 I’ve heard they quit because they have been smurfed.

It’s a vicious way of using the game by people with bully mentality and should definitely be banned.

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great ideas! I really dont mind playing against a smurf. You can only get better by playing against better opponents and if the player really cares about his rating he would never quit the game after a savage beating by some obvious smurf. Been there several times and realized how average I was but that didnt made me quit. It made me watch the replays and see all my mistakes so I could improve myself.

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I would like a civilization builder similar to the one in the Empire Earth games.


also would be nice to allow the creator of a lobby to lock some positions if some friends should be joining rather than having to make other people quit to free the locations