Some suggestions to address less played Civs

This can actually hurt your allies. If they are used to timing their farm placements in a certain way, they might build it before horse collar is done.

This is worse than what the civ does now.

So basically, task all the farmers to wood before clicking FR.

I think that would be pretty weird. Especially with the Berber discount on cavalry. Plus all of these civs already have the Camel, so I don’t know.

Make this +2 (and maybe make it work against CA too) and have it be the Castle Age tech, and have it apply to Kipchaks

Nah… why would you spend gold with all these civs to raid when you have perfectly fine Hussars? Make the steppe Lancer base damage low and give it a (major) bonus vs Archer/Cav Archers. Then we’ll at least have something new in team games to reduce the game’s dependancy on xbow flanks…

This is worse than what it does currently lol.

Instead of this, either give them a good tower rush bonus (more HP on towers, or something), or make the conqs viable through the late game. (and fix the projectile bug)

Speaking as a Berbers picker: although they aren’t the most common civ in say pro tournaments, and nobody ever seems to complain about how they’re OP under this and this condition, Berbers consistently score among the best civs every time someone runs an analysis of all ladder games. I feel therefor like Berbers are in a really good spot overall, one of the better civs in actual use, but not annoyingly so in any situation anyone cares for. Because of this I would say that they should not be buffed in any way because any buffing you do will result in them needing to be nerfed. They are practically the poster children for civs that should not be balanced any further (until the meta changes or other civs all become stronger or such).

Speaking as a Persians picker too: Persians don’t have Battle Elephants.

EDIT: O wait, you had that somewhere in the middle of the text hidden under general, you’re giving them Battle Elephants, and Berbers as well.

Two times building HP, a strong team bonus and a power unit like elephants for an already strong civ like the Berbers? Really?

When I play a random civ lobby game, I hate when certain civs show up. For example Turks. Please add trash to Turks. Turks have 0 answer to halberdiers late game when gold is over. This is pretty much the only civ you cannot do anything about halberdiers. And yet, someone comes here and proposes genitors to civs which have elite skirms with full blacksmith upgrades.

Another option to give Turks some gold access late game (i.e. relic effect to markets) and sure, take some blacksmith upgrades so they do not bash other civs such as infantry armor which has almost 0 use except for huskarls.

I like historical accuracy. Berbers may just have a different team bonus (extra Los for camels?) and the civs you mention may get it.

The no gold cost you give is very good, I do not think this is needed. Bloodlines without the need for a mining camp can be huge.

This seems very important as a small buff

I agree with the other guys saying that what they need is SE for completeness. Even if I would love the idea you suggested for Vietnamese for either Italians or saracens

This would be perfect for Italians and Saracens imo.

Other civs like franks, Britons, and goths may become OP. So it can be a second effect of silk road or of the Saracen Monks tech.

Even half of the current stupid price is fine.


Omg this is a mess

That is how most people (singleplayers) do it, or at least pick a lot of them with only a few left out.

It would be game breaking for some civs, like Britons, Franks and Goths for instance, Missing a key tech for balance issues. But it could be an extremely fun to play effect if given to one specific civ…