Some suggestions to balance battle elephants

Elephants were nerfed because how strong is khmer pocket in team games. Khmer have faster elephants with higher attack, that has a lot of synergy.

Anyway, they have been nerfed, but Malay, burmese and vietnamese too. And they are not that strong. You could consider the elephant rush of malay, but that is situational and is the strength they have in early castle age, after that they should go for militia spam.

So, I have these suggestions:

Burmese. Increase the bonus of his tech OR give them back the 50% splash damage with that tech.
Vienamese. More HP in their tech? I dont know about this civ in particular.
Malay; make Forced Levy affects elephants (so they end being 20 gold cheaper but 20 more food), OR make elephants affected by supplies after research forced levy (so they cost 15 less food). Anyway, forced levy is an imperial tech, but elephants are not that useful in imperial. Make them even cheaper could be a way to make them good in imperial. Or instead of this tech, make the bonus go uo to 35% cheaper elephants in imperial age (maybe with only 25% cheaper elephants in castle).

I think this:
Khmer speed bonus of Battle Elephants reduced to 10%.
Lose Hand Cannoner.
Lose Crop Rotation.
Farms now cost 20 more wood.

But to compensate:
Speed bonus now affects Ballista Elephants.
Double Crossbow now affects Foot Archers and Galleys.

To me is better if Forced Levy affects Karambits, this on Battle Elephants would be unreasonably strong.

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that depends of how much it changes the prize. If is changing all the gold for food, it would be very strong in elephants. if is just changing 20 gold for 20 food, it wouldnt be that strong, as elephants would still cost some gold.

for karambits, you make them basically have the prize of a villager

Yes but still they requiere a castle in order to be produced, not the case with elephants.

They should roll back the change and nerf khmer (take away their speed bonus?)


Give burmese +100% trample damage (back to what is was before the nerf) and +50% blast radious (they needed a buff anyway) as civ bonus

Give viets elephants +30hp as a civ bonus

Give malay 2nd cavalry defense

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Yeah, let’s buff elephants like crazy because they received a nerf that you wouldn’t even notice if it wasn’t written in the patch notes.

All elephants are extremely strong units in certain situations except for possibly the Vietnamese one (I lack experience there). Buffing them in a major way (which is pretty much what you’re suggesting) is a terrible idea!


They are still really strong when they can force fight

They dont have blast burnace and the extra HP allows them to tank one more hit more against halberdies. So they killed slower and died a bit slower. Not big deal.
The extra hp is good for arrows.

Burmese extra armor is better for arrows but worse against halberdiers (damage bonus not affected by armor). But at least they can shred buildings with manipur tech.

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We are still talking about 16 attack.
They are really strong, even tho not at khmer level

True. They are elephants after all.
But now the tramole damage is only a 25% of this 16 attack: 4 per hit. Before it was 8. The thing is that if 30 extra HP is enough to make for the resuced damage when compared to other cost_effective alternatives like tanky arbalasters, or if elephants have a proper role in vietnamese army.

Nowadays, they are used as expensive meat shields with damage potential. Compared to rattans or massed arbalesters, they are useful against enemies that can hold archers attacks. Is this enough for them?

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