Some technologies do not send a "completed" notification once researched

Game Version: 5.0.10257.0

I’ve noticed that for many (if not most) technologies, such as the ones available in the blacksmith, a notification is sent in the lower right area (above the minimap) once their research time finishes.

However, this does not seem to apply to all technologies.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Begin a game as the Abbasid Dynasty
  2. Advance to the Feudal Age
  3. Research Fresh Foodstuffs
  4. Wait for the research to finish

A notification pops up in the lower right corner of the UI, notifying the player that the research is complete.

No notification is shown, and the player must check the House of Wisdom again to verify that their research completed.

I am not sure if this is only specific to technologies within the House of Wisdom, or if there are technologies in other buildings that behave the same way.


Thanks @Fano0517! We have seen this with some civ-specific techs. We’re working on it! Appreciate you bring Foodstuffs to our attention.

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