Some unique techs are not OK

Hi all

Let us discuss some of he unique techs. It is obvious some are much more useful and commonly used than others.
I fell that the Byzantine +1 range of fire ships is never used in serious team games and I have seen it once in 1v1 … How about fixing it ?
Also, the Orthodoxy tech is very situational and rarely used. Change it somehow ?
The Mongol houses not losing the +5 pop after destroyed is also a bit useless…

What do ya think ?


The mongol one is quite useful pickup if you arent grossly overinvesting in houses. In a team game if your whiped having that free housing space helps the recovery a lot.


I use the mongol bonus almost every time. Nice not to worry about losing a castle or a few houses and getting pop capped


I created a topic about this before, and I typed my suggestions there.

I agree that Nomads is useless in most of occasions if you are not behind.
Monk-related unique tech is hard to be researched when the player go monk rush.

nomads is useful even for base design, nevermind if you are ahead or not. you can placehouses where you want, and later on destroy them to make space for base expansion, and not have to respend that wood, and more importantly not have to retask vils to do it. on top of the “if you are losing stuff in battle” it has its uses…

now athiesm on the other hand… or koreans turtle ship being faster (on land maps) or any naval combat UT should be looked at…


Well, I almost never see this happened in the high level games. In most of occasions, the map is large enough, even in some maps like nomads it is still rare.
Agree that navy-related tech may have the another effect for land maps, but monk-related tech should be fixed first.

yeah some are preety bad imo,

the mongol one seems like a civ bonus and not a unique tech at all to me

strongholds seems preety useless as well, id rather be able to make woads out of the barracks or siege workshop

the incan unique tech for the skirms minimum range is really crappy imo

the vietnamese chatras also seems like it should be a civ bonus and not a unique tech

the huns get it the worst tho, cus marauders is situational and not one that is that usefull since paladins are your go to as huns, their imp tech is useless as well

i also wish there was more to techs like berserkergang and bearded axe, like be more usefull or affect more units

Seems like we can’t even agree which UTs are the useless ones. That’s going to make it hard to fix them :wink:


I mean the creativity of adding useless UTs are a tradition since AoC :smiley: Atheism is just a null tech so that Huns that were great already without are not op :smiley:


Pretty sure some of the more useless ones that were added were done that way because the civ was already strong.


i Personaly think that Atheism was in a time were casual players used to have time limits so it might been create with an different intent :smile:

Or because they needed it for Attila 6.


probably but i cant recall the 6th campaign tho

Fall of Rome where you gotta defeat 4 towns that are building Wonders.

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oh ok thanks for reminding me i mean its also rare that standard winning condition is on so people could win with wonder or relics ergo atheism looses his intend to slow it down

My weird idea for Atheism would be: If you didnt have any relic garrisoned, gain ressources from destroying buildings. Fits the name and gives you advantage at any rate. And I mean just because you dont want to garrison them you still can collect relics and stone wall them in in the corner for your opponent to not get them, true hun way.

I Mean what if it is an opposing force to people who collect relics and get like a bonus for it?

What you mean? I dont like other civs totally negating a bonus of other civs, as much as I dont like atheism currently affecting the global game settings directly.

thats a good thing negletive bonuses are some of the once that shape out current stats of underperforming civs. and what i mean was theoreticly what if they would be unable to collect relics but would trickle of gold that depends on the current relics collected like even if its zero would be some but insignificant

But thats too similiar to relics. And why would they get gold from heaven suddenly ? I like the gold for pillaging idea there more.