Some unit bugs that have been there for ages either please look for these

These are some bugs in terms of unit and buildings:

  1. Chinese Shaolin Master should boost the disciples after doing the upgrade from the monastery but they won’t.
  2. Lakota’s Tokala soldiers should train faster from the community plaza after getting the cavalry train time card but they are not.
  3. During the games enemy and ally walls pass through each other.
  4. Small segment walls of Aztecs are invisible.
  5. During the game some walls won’t make gates (mostly in treaty).

The tech was changed intentionally to simply boost Disciples at all times without a need for an aura (the aura on original game was extremely bugged).

No they shouldn’t; you can see in the tech effects details that the train time is effectively unchanged. This is for balance reasons.

Well, you can only make gates out of the long wall segments, or do you mean something else?