Some unit line buff (adjustment) wish list along with DLC

  1. Elite Steppe Lancer
    upgrade cost down to 550 Food 450 Gold (from 900 food 550 gold)
  • I think Steppe Lancer in early castle age can be a good option when you are ahead that it cannot be countered by spear/pike in small number. But it doesn’t good for long-term investment that elite upgrade is soooo expensive compared to cavalier. I hope they reduce the cost.
  1. Scorpion line

getting +3(4 for heavy) bonus damage vs Cavalry
heavy scorpion upgrade cost down to 500 Food 800 wood (from 1000 Food 1100 Wood)

-Scorpion can be useful in castle age for high level game when players effectively dodge mangonel shot. But it still inferior to mangonel in almost every situation, and heavy scorpion upgrade is so punishly expensive.
So I propose to reduce the upgrade cost. And bonus damage vs cavalry will not make them suddenly counter cavalry, but it makes them not countered easily by knight/Hussar line and I think it can have more edge compared to other seige line.
It will still be easily countered by Onager/BBC.

  1. Scout line/Militia line

Now Scout/Light cavalry/Hussar and Winged Hussar (except Magyar hussar) get Scout cavalry armor

  • getting +2/3/4 bonus damage from Longsword/2HS/Champion
  • getting +2 bonus damage from most of Infantry UU.
  • Winged Hussar have +1or +2 Scout Cavalry armor

I think Champion line should be more effective against Scout Line as trash counter, and one of way to implement it is giving them new armor class. Champion will kill hussar in one less hit, and it shouldn’t be that big effect but I want to encourage more champion switch in late game. I feel like just going hussar is more effective because they can raid effectively and good against seige.
Magyar Hussar still be leave as good vs champion as UU and don’t have conversion resistance, and Winged Hussar also more durable in this case.

  1. Some adjustment for Battle elephant/Elephant archer
  • I think they are not viable in most situation and need some buff in general, but it also comes with new civ. So I’ll keep watch after release of new civ.



i like all of it. just the elephant are scary strong