Some units don't speak their native language

The civilisations are missing cultural diversity in their in-game dialogue.
There multiple units that have according to their description a different nationality than the civilisation they are trained from. Only the Hakkapelit speaks Finnish instead of Swedish.

The German War Wagons don’t speak Czech.
The Aztec Arrow Knights don’t speak the Maya language.
The Chinese Steppe Riders and Keishik don’t speak Mongolian.
The Indian Gurkha don’t speak Nepalese.

There might be some more that I can’t think of right now.

I think that would be very unlikely that they would record them.

If there’s budget for that, let’ them fix first the new voices of Lakota and Haudos

Why Aztec warriors should speak Maya?

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arrow knights are described as an auxiliary from allied/subjugated tribes.

making unit voices as accurate as possible is always something i support, and with mercenaries having their voice lines reflect their origin, I don’t think its too far a stretch.

I’m completely fine with the new Lakota voices but I feel like there was some problems with audio mixing for Haudenosaunee. Their voices are much lower than all the others and not consistent.
They don’t have to rerecord them but edit the existing recordings.


Well even the main civs have inconsistences…

Example: The Portuguese miner does not say “mineira” (miner in Portuguese) but "“Assalariada” (which means person that works for another) which has no sense at all.

The Haudenosaunee voice bug is on the ticket list

They speak the language of the faction they belong to.
Rather, it is even more strange that Hakkapeliitta of Sweden does not speak Swedish.

I guess it’s because we already have Finnish voice lines and it’s a waste if we don’t use them.

Why would you want to change something when even their name is Finnish…

They were mercenaries in legacy. Their use of Finnish is just recycling.

I’d rather they remake the Haudenosaunee and Lakota voicelines before dealing with things as small as individual unit lines.

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