Some update/fixes/balance soon?

Double buffs for Bengalis. Okay I will take that. On serious note, how Persians and Sicilians are lower-tier? Persians is not that interesting to play. And Sicilians too maybe and their Serjeants play is very rare. But neither is lower-tier. In fact Koreans has the lowest W/R in open maps from the available data (September) but you didn’t mention them.

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Is called personal bias

But I still think nerfing the most problematic ones first.

Ya probably but I guess that’s ok. A big balance patch only comes out only twice a year. So if its coming out late, its probably quite some changes and hence maybe they’re taking quite sometime to test it out.

I’d rather prefer something coming a bit late but with some meaningful changes like the last balance patch instead of something soon but completely useless like the infantry unique unit changes patch.

stop being just overly pessimistic. There are plenty of people who complained a lot in 2020 when there were balance changes every other month. So many civs like Khmer, Tatars were overbuffed and then got a nerf while civs like Cumans got overnerfed and then oscillated around. All of this was probably a consequence of doing big changes in very little time and not testing them out.

I think Sicilians are now lower tier with that bonus damage reduction nerf. Persians definitely are not so good, they’re niche for hybrid and Nomad maps. So while these two might not be a bottom-5, they’re definitely a bottom-15 on most maps.

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I meant burmese lol, must have had a brain fart

I said “etc” since there are so many civs and you are going to forget something anyway…

I did mention all those civs because they are below average civs, obviously some Need more than others, but in general i prefere the Power level to be High just balanced, so my dream is to have virtually all civs as viable/strong as Franks, chinese, mayans, brutons, hindustanis, gurjaras, etc

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I agree. But I’d like it if they at least gave a date. Something like “hey, the patch will drop at the end of December” so that a lot of people here including me wouldn’t have to sit waiting without knowing what is happening.

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I think the next update will be the end of January the day when age arrives on console. Adding popular game mods as in game option will be part of it. Mainly because console players won’t be able to download mods.


I hope that’s not the case. They did promise something this fall. I don’t know if they’ve broken their promises before, but it feels pretty crappy to do so.


how so? im sure they could make support for it

Yes that would be good. I hope to see some good changes to militia line and infantry uu (except a few like Ghulam, chakram, obuch) usability, cost or stat adjustments for very situational units like lancers, elephant archers and a collective nerf to all super strong civs or none, instead of just picking a few.

Considering how fall ends in 3 weeks, I think its unlikely.


Well good news and bad news. They didn’t break the promise but its a small patch with impactful changes only to Gurjaras, Hindustanis, Poles and Portugese. The other no cavalry indian civs continue to remain awful, and with both Gurjaras and Hindustanis nerfed, its party time for the Frank pickers


I just saw it. I’m happy with the gurjara and pole nerf, but disappointed with the rest of balance changes.
I guess we’ll have to keep the “Bengalis/Dravidians are terrible” thread going till they do something about it 11