Some views can be customized by home city and all European countries

I hope a new home city unit should be added, which should be the general customization related to the occupation of the home city of Europe: military band and street patrol army, parade, the elderly, criminals (thugs, robbers, thieves, pirate), tramps and protesters, dock freight forwarders and workers, horse trucks, donkey trucks, freight forwarders, scholars, doctors, blacksmiths, gunners, businessmen water bearers, firefighters diviners pets (dogs and cats), European officials, tax collectors and lawyers And engineers there is a characteristic model of replacing police with European countries can be added to as

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I wanna see new updated vieuw of the revolutions wich europa civ can choose


Sure the home city of military band and Beggar need newly added and All the decorations pilgrim assassin joker is are added to make the home city more spectacular

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In a word, the home city of all Europe need to be gentlemen and ladies, as well as street newsboys and propagandists capitalist They always need developers to join the home city to improve the living standard and prosperity