Some weak landmark, unit and technology should also be strengthened

All civilization:
1.Monastery/Mosque/Prayer Tenr
Remove Piety, monk automatically boosts 40 health in Imperial Age.

What civilization would use this technology but Delhi?


  1. King’s Palace
    Added an active skill that can recruit 3/5 senior villagers for free, they have 2.5 times the collection rate and build speed, and can submit resources without returning to the economic building, but only 30 seconds of life, start to countdown after work, get a recruitment opportunity every 120 seconds.

This landmark may not be weak, but it’s so boring that it needs something a little different from town center

  1. Ribauldequin
    New technology: Increased weapon range by 1.5 tile, cost 150 wood /350 gold.

  2. University
    Use an enhanced Incendiary Arrows, the damage increase is increased from 20% to 35%.

Abbasid Dynasty:
1.Culture Wing
Proselytization move to mosque.

Does anyone really use this technology?

New technology: Final maximum population increased from 200 to 220, and immediately gain 10 Golden Age points ,cost 200 food /500 gold.

  1. Trade Wing
    Armored caravans move to market.
    New technology:House of Wisdom automatically produces a camel trader every 120 seconds (can be affected by Camel Handing), camel trader has 20% extra movement speed, 100% extra health.


  1. Display the total amount of gold currently provided per minute by all hunting cabins.

  2. The Gold Gate
    Generates an additional exchange every minute → 60/50/40 seconds.

  3. Horse Archer
    Gallop was changed to the default ability, which still increases movement speed but no longer increases weapon range during activation, and Mounted Training was changed to increase weapon range by 1 tile and increase bonus damage ageinst light targets by +5.

  4. Abbey of the Trinity
    Saint’s Veneration age requirement reduced from imperial to castle, cost is reduced from 425 gold to 250 gold,added bonus: Warrior Monk demage is doubled.


  1. Guild Hall
    Added extra bonus:the speed of resource generation is affected by economic technology; When switching resource types, resources are not automatically claimed, but continue to accumulate.


  1. Meinwerk Palace
    Added extra bonus: allows research technology of the next age.

  2. Elzbach Palace
    Added extra bonus: Attack speed of all defensive building increased by 40%.

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