Somebody should arrange a tournament

AOE1 doesn’t get enough love but I think a low-stakes tournament that is streamed with proper advertisement would do a bit to rectify that.

Obviously AOE1 will never be AOE2 or AOE3, and a tournament isn’t going to see numbers like AOE2 or Red Bull sponsorships but that shouldn’t be the goal. The goals are:

  1. To remind people of the glorious beginnings of our beloved Age series
  2. To demonstrate the merit of Antiquity
  3. To have fun

A casual tournament may draw in many AOE2 and AOE3 players (like myself) who are just interested in changing things up a bit temporarily, as a novelty. This song can certainly be sung to appeal to the wider fanbase.

Advertise it on the official forums, Reddit, and to the government of Vietnam. Outsource streaming to big popular streamers. Make it feel like a laid-back summer event. Summer in Sumeria. Make sure everything is recorded for posterity and Age 1 glory.

The ball is in your court, Age 1 fans.


AoE 1 doesn’t have replays system, nor does it have spectator slots. And the spectator mode in itself is bareboned.

To get things going, this game needs a big improvement on the spectator system.

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Well that explains a lot. No replay system? What the heck?

Spectator slots seems like it would be superfluous, though. Who needs to sit in on a game when it can just be streamed or recorded? Lack of spectator slots never stopped most other RTS games from having successful recorded tournaments.

By spectator slot I mean dedicated slot for spectators, instead of spectator taking a players slot.

Right now there is no way to spectate 4v4 games, which is the most common play style.

There are tournaments around. Here’s a link to a 2v2 nation wars tournament currently running: NATION CUP 2v2 TOURNAMENT - Challonge

It’s being cast by a bunch of different streamers but as it’s mostly a tournament for players, not viewers, there is no centralised place to find the recordings. They’re mostly in streamers’ twitch VODs.

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Was too modern and interactive.