Someone doesn't like somerhing: nerf, ban, fix it ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š

Iโ€™ve seen so many users on this forums complaining about things that they donโ€™t like because that things doesnโ€™t fit well to their gameplay but they say the game is broken or something like that.

I am playing this game sufficient hours to say that is well balanced in the way that you have to understand how it works. Some civs are better in early, others better on late game, its not necessarily to all have a plain and bored balanced civs in every single age. You want an aggressive strategy? Go Mongols. You want a more late game and deep domination? Go China.

Also with water maps, or units. They are great, if you donโ€™t like them doesnโ€™t mean that they are not balanced. Itโ€™s because you are not understanding how works this game. Is strategy! Learn which is your best way to play and chose that civ, that fits on your style. If you donโ€™t want water maps donโ€™t play them.

Same with units, take your time and think twice before came here and say X or Y unit is too powerful or weak, you have to see all the context of that civ and there are a reason why it is that way.


I agree. For example if you want to play a harassing playstyle play French. If you want to outboom your oponent and focus on macro you should play French. If water maps suit your playstyle more you should pick French. If you want to rush you oponent however then French is probably better suited for you. The game balance offers a lot of diversity and ppl should really think twice before they whine about balance.



Lmao I invite you to play a 1vs1 or 2vs2, 3vs3 against me and discover how wrong you are. You can play with French, all of your mates too and get surprised what will happen.


Itโ€™s not going to be settled by 2 random people of possibly unmatching skill level duking it out. There is a reason 90% of the participants in the Genesis tournament defaulted to the French, there is a reason all the top level players say French is currently not balanced.

But still, if you want to demonstrate your point using gameplay, share some replays of you beating French players with high ELO, especially on water maps.


Mother of Godโ€ฆ There you go: Age of Empires 4 - French Players Hate Him - YouTube


So one exemple and you claim โ€œfr is fineโ€? Viper is ranked 3 and he said himself France is by far the best civ


Roflmao. Did you watch the Genesis tournament yesterday? Itโ€™s impossible to count the number of times Aussie_Drongo mentioned that the French are currently overpowered.

Is this the only thing youโ€™ve got?


Drongo lost and had quite a few fake and salty laughs blaming the civ for the loss. He was not happy afterwards. But he is simply just a quite good and not a top player. He wouldnt have a chance in tourney with french either. Watch the speed and decision making of the very top players and you see thereโ€™s a world of difference.

I donโ€™t disagree french is the strongest, but he was asked for high elo gameplay of french being beaten andโ€ฆ gave gameplay of french being beaten.

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He wasnโ€™t salty about the French though, he didnโ€™t lose to French (I donโ€™t think he was salty at all anyway), I think he recognized correctly, like any player of any skill level does, that you currently have a better chance winning as the French, no matter the map and no matter the matchup.

What is even that game? The person who is 2nd place on the ladder against someone who isnโ€™t on the ladder at all, maybe a streamer who got early access and didnโ€™t play since then? A player who didnโ€™t even rush to build a dock on a water map? You really believe this proves anything? Both the person casting and the person playing as the English on that game will tell you, again and again, that the French are overpowered.

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French probably are a bit overpowered, and that can be fixed with a small update, nothing to worry about. But thatโ€™s not the point of my post. Cheers!

I will gladly take that 1v1 offer. I never played French in my life and I still bet you 20$ I will beat you. 1300 Elo btw

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There is nothing wrong with voicing your opinion about balance or fun factor on a forum. I think itโ€™s important for players to share the general vibe of how they feel about strategies and balance. The devs should have other statistics they can use to make informed balance decisions but if as a whole the community is frustrated by a certain civ being omnipresent its good for the devs to know that.

Personally I donโ€™t mind France though, they are super weak to dark age rushes and arenโ€™t unbeatable at later stages of the game. If any aspect of their civ is unbalanced it is their consistent, simple play-style. (and probably hulks)


He also kept saying โ€œoh why did i pick the chinese hahahahhahaโ€
I donโ€™t think he would have won with any other either. And it wasnโ€™t chinese weakness that lost him that game, he made lotโ€™s of mistakes.

Ok. Did you watch the tourney at all ? We had both english and mongols and rus beating french. So asking for high level gameplay where french is beaten as proof of anything is dumb. French have been beaten several times.

Strawman. Keep on point

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English beating french (Landmark that acts as double archery range with better units), Rus beating French (Acess to Feudal knights as well) and Mongols beating French (Mangudai who counter knights) donโ€™t disprove the fact that the French was in 70% of all game sin that tournament and that the civ is overpowered. I would actually love to see HRE beat a perfectly executet French Knights/Archers/Ram timing

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This topic has no point, it was started by someone who complains about people asking that overpowered civilizations get fixed, yet he thinks the French should and will be fixed. You also think they are currently the most powerful and I assume you think this should get fixed, I think they should get fixed. All the top players think they should get fixed.

Remind my what the point is, again?

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You saw I said they are the strongest and then you are saying โ€œboth caster and english player will tell you they are OPโ€

So what youโ€™re saying is that the game is perfectly balanced? Amazing, it must be the first game ever to release in a perfectly balanced state.

Your entire argument is hilarious. Every balance complaint according to you is wrong because youโ€™re the only one that really understands the game.

Meanwhile you can look at actual stats from the recent tournament that shows 70% of people picked French. Ya that sounds like the game is perfectly balanced to me. But you know some random guy on the AoE4 forums who claims that hes the only one who understands the game, better listen to him.

Lets see some replays of you playing high elo games against top players. My guess is weโ€™ll never see them because youโ€™re nowhere near actually being good at this game but for some reason you think you know better than everyone else. Enjoy flexing on the AoE4 forums about your supposedly vast game knowledge while most likely playing the vast majority of your games against AI and thinking youโ€™re good.


I am not sure I am following you, OP claimed he could beat French players easily, I asked him to show us an example of him beating players of high ELO (simply because it wouldnโ€™t demonstrate anything to see him beat someone who doesnโ€™t take full advantage of the civ), he then gave us some click-baity Aussie_Drongo video of The Viper beating an unknown who clearly did not rush to use the Frenchโ€™s biggest advantage yet both Aussie_Drongo and The Viper will tell you that the French are overpowered, so what does that demonstrate?

More importantly, he also thinks they should be fixed. Do you disagree? If not, what are ever even arguing about?

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Guarantee that OP only plays against AI and comes to the AoE forums to act like hes hot โ– โ– โ– โ– .

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