Something has to be done for this

Greetings players,

I want to deliever my feeling about the ranked states of player right now around Platinium. Please feel free to comment on your own rank below.

In the past few weeks, I notice a high depletion of quality of team games (2v2,3v3 & 4v4), on different matter such as :

~ Behavour in game, and I mean really bad behavour, toxicity, treatening, high increase of troll player (Early wall ally, early surrender, AFK and so on), other player has to endure and getting penalies (obviously lose since most of people just insta surrend when someone early surrender), however troller remain unsanctionned and not banned.

~ Matchmaking, why is it so wild range? new account/low level account matching with high level account/high rank (yes this is 2 seperate thing). This disparity is really impacting the quality and the chance of winning, as e.g I got recently into a game as platinium with 3 silver against diamond and gold.

~ Smurff account, I personnaly have no issue with this but the among of player leaving the game because they are trigger by smurff is getting bigger, why is it bad for game to lock to one account per player? Also I’m wondering what is the purpose of smurffing on an RTS game ?

~ Communication, this is crucial point imo, right now people are more toxic toward each other than having good communication over what is going on and what to do in game. Is it possible to adapt the ping feature to provide more info ? gold ping to get many option and add an information with it (e.g. provide help here, support this area with wall, need more of this kind of unit here (archer/spearman/Siege…) ? I know there is the chat command but it does not seems really efficient for me personnaly.

Overall, I feel the game’s stability (lesser crash and bug) is really nice to have, I would address more things later, why is it not possible to reconnect to a game after the game crash ? This feature used to be available on previous opus while everyone remaining in the game would vote to wait or not, and after a certain amount of time (less than 2 min) the game continue…

Edit #1:

It had happen many time in the past week that someone could not log in the game and the ranked continues 3v4 leading in unfair advantage. Should not this kind of game be canceled or considerate as Unranked? Maybe live the choice as vote to rematch from both side?

So far the actual matchmaking is not helping the queue time for some and I don’t believe it is Fun for any (low rank to play against high rank and opposite as well), I believe this can be applie in casual game as it would lead people that rewatch match to play better or analyse how good player play.

Thank you for reading!

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When you join a multiplayer game you want to be matched with players at your own skill level or else it is not very fun. The problem is for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels (which most of the players are in) is that Diamond and Conqueror players love to use Smurff accounts to play at theses levels.

So a new player comes along, tries their first online game and are matched to a Smurff (who is a Conqueror III player) playing under Bronze and the new player dies in 10 mins, they think I am not good enough to play at Bronze, might as well just play single player.

Correct, that is why I don’t understand the point of this matchmaking, since people clearly don’t have the same level, I would assume a point systeme to gauge people would be approximative but maybe more balance that actual setting.

Even thought this will never prevent from people getting boost but that would be nice to put people on average same box?

Again what the point of very high rank to do smurff account? Beside going to destroy 100-0 newbies there is nothing from them to learn or entertaining.

Do people think 5 ranked is enough to gauge someone rank? I see many level 30 account going ranked that clearly lack of how to manage economy/ map awereness/ timing/having a lot of afk time. I myself still have to progress on this but I would say I learn at least decent basis to not be a burden for my ally but instead provide support depending the civ I play.