Something I noticed with the Chakram Thrower's bonus damage

Apparently, the Elite version doesn’t have a +1 versus Condotierri. This doesn’t go along with how many other anti-infantry units have bonus damage against them, such as Jaguar Warriors or Cataphracts. Sure, it’s just +1 damage, but that can sometimes matter.

It’s a minor thing, I know, but Chakram Throwers aren’t gunpowder units.


Assuming it’s a one versus one game, why would the Italian player make Condottiero? Should they not be making anti horse units since that’s most most of their foe’s core units?

Granted, Condottiero could be useful in certain situations I guess.

They probably wouldn’t in 1v1’s. This would be more for team games.

Consider how often an Italian would get Condotierri against Aztecs in 1v1’s. Answer: never.

It is a bug. Previously(many years back) Condoteri neglected all anti infantry bonuses including jaguar warrior and cataphracts, but was later fixed. So Chakram Thrower should be fixed to do +1 damage against them


TBH, what is the purpose of that +1 bonus damage against Infantry?

Its was a redesign of the chakram, making them better versus low armored infantry (and archers) but worse vs anything else. Since chakram base damage is so low but applies to so many targets, +1 is actually pretty big.


Doing +1 guaranteed damage can be pretty useful against highly armoured Infantry.
Especially when you can hit 5 of them with one attack, it suddenly turns into a +5.

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it’s certainly an oversight that should be addressed

Thanks for the report, I can confirm that we’re tracking this issue as a bug.


Thanks for fixing it in the new patch.