Something is wrong with my profile?

Hi I bought the game using my Xbox / windows 10 account, its a email address. But in the forum I signed up with my other email address which is a address. These two email addresses are linked together, but the community here does see them as two diffrent accounts. I can’t delete my profile that I made here, the user name is called . I want instead link it to my xbox one called Clicee. Because as of now I cant see the beta forum that I’m already a part of, I get permission denied.

Any help?


I’m having a similar problem. I cannot login to the username that gives me access to Beta forum (BiniBDZ), since every time I click “Sign in”, it connects to Xbox Live and to this one (Berdzz).

Attempt to first relog onto the correct account on
Afterwards, relog here on the forums and see if it’s fixed.