Something missing from standard and multiplayer battles are heroes

Something missing from standard and multiplayer battles are heroes.

It would be good to implement these heroes in the standard and multiplayer battles, they would train in the castles and they would also have costs to recruit.

these would be the heroes by civilization:

1. Aztecas: option1 Itzcoatl
option2 Cuauthemoc
2. Bereberes: Tariq ibn ziyad
3. Birmanos: Bayinhaung
4. Bizantinos: Bari
5. Bulgaros: Ivailo
6. Celtas: option 1 Willian Wallace
option 2 Etelfredo
7. Chinos: Su Ding Fang
8. Coreanos:
9. Cumanos: Koten Khan
10. Eslavos : Vlad Tepes
11.Españoles: El Cid
12. Etiopes: option 1 Gidajan
option 2 Danajan
13.Francos: option 1 Juana de Arco
option 2 Carlomagno
14. Godos: option 1 Teodorico
option 2 Alarico
15.Hunos: Atila
16.Incas: option 1 Cusi Yupanqui
option 2 Tubac yupanqui
17.Indios: Prithviraj
18. Ingleses: option 1 Rey Arturo
option 2 Ricardo corazon de leon
19.Italianos: Francisco Sforza
20.Japoneses: option 1 Nobunaga
option 2 Miyamoto
21.Jemeres: Suyavarman
22.Lituanos: Vitautas el grande
23.Magiares: Arpad
24.Malayos: Gayamada
25.Malies: Sundiata
26.Mayas: Pakal el grande
27.Mongoles: Gengis Khan
28.Persas: Savarano
29.Portugueses: Vasco de Gama
30.Sarraceno: Saladino
31.Tártaros Tamerlan
32.Teutones Barba Roja
33.Turcos option1 Osman
option 2 Musa ibn Nusar
34.Vietnamitas: Le Lai
35.Vikingos option 1 Harald Hardrade
option 2 Erick el Rojo

why would this be a good thing? Hero strength varies from unit to unit, and that could create imbalances.
furthermore the game is fine without them, this isn’t WC3.


A game that had all it’s success on the custom maps scene, because the MP was stupidly unbalanced, thanks to Hero units and the Upkeep system.

It was just an idea for a mod. but the statistics of the hero units are very unbalanced and would be a problem.

just reviewed in the Editor


I’ve already made a mod that has the hero of civilization. When you advance to the Golden Age (the 5th Age), you can create the hero in the “Coliseum”. The civilization hero occupies 100 inhabitants, can only create one and is free. The time it takes to be created depends a lot on the hero’s strength and attack distance. To see the time, open the file “dat” with the program “AdvancedGenieEditor 2020” or sign the mod “AOE_Golden_DE (TREE CIVS)”.
With the mod “AOE2_Golden_DE (DAT)” you can create the hero of civilization; but if you want to see the descriptions or the cost of new buildings or units, install the mod "AOE2_Golden_DE (STRINGS).

you can train heroes from individual civs from the mod here. problem is just as what @MatCauthon3 said. the heroes are added into game with mind that they help player proceed as a strong unit, usually unusually high HP.

for easy comparison, you have a pikeman of 6dmg and ~50hp, a hero pike man would be 8 damage and maybe 150hp. the damage gone up only 33% while hp is 3x, you’ll have harder time to kill units instead of playing properly.

to balance this, ive made a bunch of new technology increase the damage output not only heroes but regular units to make this less of a problem.

thank you very much i will download them

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I use almost all Hero Units in this map.

Most of the Heroes are somewhat good. 2x,3x better usually. maybe a few instances of 1.5x better.
some are way too strong. (Developer bias)

But they are fun to use. Only real hero I have issue with is Babur

no this would be lame, AOE 2 is not WC3 and it doesnt need to be

thats for regular games, this is a modding threads and some people enjoy it. if you dont enjoy it thats is fine, you can play the regular game as is and theres a thread of discussion for regular game.

bari is a name of place … Besilarius will be a good hero for byntines