Sometimes villagers will not obey shift commands

I found this rare bug, sometimes when you tell villagers to drop off resources and then do something else they will just become idle after the first task and do nothing.

Here is a clip I found of it happening to TheViper: AoE4 New Patch!

At about 3:57:55 he selects 5 villagers on the trees and left clicks to drop off resources and then shift clicks to attack a villager near the river. You can see that all 5 villagers are selected when he issues the second command but 2 villagers just randomly go idle and stand by the lumber camp.

This has happened to me as well but i can’t reproduce it consistently. You might need to time the commands exactly right for it to occur.

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Have had issues with this also several times. dont really have same problem in Starcraft 2 played that for years.

I think it’s possible this issue might be to do with units blocking each other.

You can see this effect if you queue up a bunch of professional scouts to drop off carcasses at a mill surrounded by villagers. The scouts at the back won’t be able to reach the drop off destination because of the other units in the way and so they just give up and don’t drop the carcass.

I don’t know if it’s the same problem here with some of the villagers blocking the others so they can’t find a path.

Have you all noticed if this only occurs after loading a save?

No, it definitely occurs in all games. That video I posted was from a multiplayer match so it wasn’t loaded from a save.

I’ve seen this too, but i’ve noticed it tends to happen more if i HOLD shift during the commands, but less so if i release and repress shift before new commands