Sorry to say that the Disappointment consistently outweighs the Happiness Here

First of all, thank you devs for all that you do, we want to believe that internal politics prevent you from reaching your potential and doing what’s best for everyone. We want to be able to bypass you and reach out to the team responsible for making the big decisions since you shouldn’t really be front-facing anyway.

That being said, for a long time now there has been a severe lack in several areas which combined make for an extremely poor user experience. And while there is some good and we’re happy to get something rather than nothing, I’m sad to say that the amount of bad and feelings of despair outweigh it every time.

Here are those factors:

  • Extremely poor communication overall, little to no information given.
  • Inconsistent, unpredictable release schedule.
  • No communication while at the same time the other AoE games get them on the tiniest of things.
  • No transparency in the future of the game.
  • The official forums seem to get very little to no notice, making us feel ignored and wasting time.
  • Releasing a PUP, then not addressing the droves of issues found therein and pushing the update anyway.
  • Overtuning a civ or element of a civ then leaving it like that for many months, plaguing all 3 years (with overlap) of the game’s existence with indisputably S+ Tier civs.
  • More often than not, balance changes are too extreme. Nerfing to the ground or buffing to broken = NO.
  • All other things equal, the online interface not being overhauled entirely - years ago.

So please, at the very very least, COMMUNICATE with us. LET US KNOW what’s going on. A little communication goes a long way and is much better than no communication at all - this can be the difference between excellent and horrible customer service and the effort is minimal. And because it’s minimal, not receiving it makes the wound hurt that much more.


Maybe they thought even if every of the ~100k “unique players” per month got disappointed and left, it still would not affect their “main business”.


I am confounded by how World’s Edge has managed this game for the past year. Being sandwiched between the golden goose and the new kid on the block is a tough situation, I get that, but to ignore this community and treat the game like this is just wrong. This isn’t aimed at the devs either but those who have been put in charge of a franchise many of us have been with for 20+ years.

Neither 2DE or IV are in dire straits so I do not understand why WE is now treating this game like an inconvenience. FE has been expanding for over a year now.

If AoMRE is taking up the majority of the devs time then why not say something? by not saying anything you just create a vortex of negativity and distrust. Why does providing us with a basic outline of proper communication feel like pulling teeth?

I’m not buying anything about new NDAs (unless it only applies to 3DE) or world events. We got a Russian rework for heaven’s sake.

And what’s worse, going all the way back to the anniversary event, all this seems intentional. Something has changed at WE and it’s for the worse.


My feeling is gaming industry in general is having a harsh time.

Over the year of 2023 we’ve seen spinoff sold as main titles, DLCs sold as main titles, DLCs with no more contents but much more expensive than before, and random stuff with no theme or consistency bundled into one (shhhh).

Maybe they really need to milk cash as much as possible now. So the “less important” products are thrown to the far end of the queue.

I honestly don’t have much hope for AOMR. It’s been a year of complete silence.


I think that’s probably true. I suspect there are a number of reasons for it:

  • Extremely high expectations from gamers accustomed to AAA development
  • Economics kicking in and reducing overall player base. At some point, we gotta work to pay the bills.
  • Economics kicking in for the developers too. They have to pay the bills too and programmers and digital artists capable of putting out high-quality 4K graphics don’t work for free.
  • The player base still expects “free” mobile games or to buy AAA games for $50-60 up front when the development costs run into $10s of millions+. Inflation is real, but prices haven’t shifted much in 20 years, and there’s only so many after-market tricks you can do to get around raising the base price of the game.
  • a metric … ton (<3 word filters) of mergers as small studios get gobbled up by leviathans like MS, so we don’t have a large group of indies holding the megacorps accountable (usually).
  • Oversaturation. How many different versions of a game can you honestly play before you get bored with one? RTS isn’t a terribly popular genre. You still have staple games like Starcraft and Age 2 that have high popularity alongside a few dozen lesser known or less popular titles. You can only split the market so many ways.

I definitely agree there’s a lot of “milking the cash cow” going on, but I suspect it’s being done out of desperation rather than out of shameless opportunism or greed (in most cases). I’ll make a notable exception for Bobby Kotick and Activi$ion-Blizzard because that man personifies everything wrong with capitalism right down to the shameless virtue signaling and selling out with a golden parachute at the end.

But the issue with MS and the Age series I think is different. They’ve got a studio that has learned to “not make promises.” They’re afraid to disappoint customers and piss off their fans so they just don’t say anything until they’re ready to release something. Then they dump it on the players, hope their happy, and batton down the hatches in case there’s some bug or controversial thing they missed. It’s a very defensive PR strategy, and I’ve seen a lot of game companies move towards operating like this because they don’t want to deal with the outrage mobs and the brigaders who literally spend weeks of their lives just holding grudges and trying to destroy people online. The internet is a terribly toxic place sometimes, and it unleashes its fury capriciously. If you have to run a business and you need stability to operate, you can’t be at the mercy of the whims of a potential outrage mob like this. So I get why they do it, but I’m old enough to appreciate when game companies did talk to their communities, did actively play their own games, and really did make a good faith effort for their gamers.


It is very possible the patch was rushed out because of Sultans. All hands are on deck and they wanted to get 3DE out of the way. I wouldn’t expect a hotfix soon.


Esperemos que nos depara diciembre, cuando me pongo nostálgico me instalo el mod del segundo aniversario o el del evento de primavera.

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I don’t like to be pessimistic, but the lack of information and the fact that a large part of the developers left for another project indicates to me that the game is in the process of being abandoned.

I hope I’m wrong, because this game really doesn’t feel complete and I think I speak for the majority when I say that there are several missing civilizations that should be added.


Signs of attempts to leave this game out were there since its very existence.

But it was a new release. It still had some profitable potentials. It was still unclear whether the series would be successful. They can’t act too blatantly.

Now that their favorite kid has finally got on the track, there is no need to pretend anymore.

BTW imagining someone’s reluctant face back when they had to plan and advertise updates to this game was the only joy I can get from this company now.


I have already forgotten how many times they have made the same mistake that when they make the PUP they publish content that is in the notes but not in the patch, an error that is reported after 1 week they release the patch apparently 0 interest in fixing their same errors Do you seriously think that the error only comes from a larger agenda, for me the 2 sides are equally inefficient.