Sorting of units in a group

If i play as Abbassid and put Camel Archers, Spearmen, M@A in one group formation, the camel archer is in front, then the spears and then the M@A.

Please give the camel archers the same positioning as regular archers or xbows.
For M@A and spears, I would prefer the spears behind the M@A, especially when you play Abbassid with their more extended range it would be way more efficient to have their group as 2. in most cases.

A general sorting of units from 0 to 10, just a single icon would be a nice addition, that u can circle through, from 0 to 10, over 10 is 0 again and left click adds right click removes positions points, it would be nice if this would autosave and is the default if not changed again.

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