SOTL Sicilians Overview

Spirit of the Law’s thoughts on Sicilians.


Ofcourse paid actor. Spirit of the Law admiting Japanese are not his favourite civ anymore… 11

I would also like to mention here Sicilian talk about Sicilians in AoE II

One of the best and my favourite YouTube channel.


That’s nice to see such genuine enjoyment.

The voice acting, after new architecture sets, is one of the things I look most forward too.

On topic of the Sicilians, in my opinion, they have the best looking Mediterranean wonder.

It just seems not very much like the real thing though. The Burgundian on that regard looks almost identical to the real thing (Brussels Town Hall).


I look forward to new architecture sets too. Developers are doing huge waste of graphic designers that instead working on new architectures sets, scenario editior objects, units and stuff like that, they have to work on missiles thats looks like beach balls or confetti after age up.
And about voice acting, I would like to see some languages updates like for Byzantines speaking Greek.

Personally I find Portuguese wonder as the best looking Mediteranean wonder. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And speaking about SOTLs video, I would like to see some buffs to them like Donjon support +5 population or/and giving the Thumb Ring, but available in Imperial Age instead of Castle Age.

holy ■■■■ is that the mettatron, i watched his vids all the time like 2 years ago

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Yes, noble one. That’s Metatron. Knight’s Templar by Adriel Fair starts play

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I just learned that I’ve grown out of sotl’s content.

Nevertheless I think he makes great work for the community.

Thing is, Sicilians fall of at higher levels, as they don’t have a good supplement to cover the weaknesses of the serjeant.

If Sicilians are Pushing, they have great tools, but if not they have nothing really going for them to turn it around. This makes them very predictable at higher levels of play, as they usually just die to any pressure put on them.

At lower levels their bonusses and first crusade can carry them, but I don’t see this working at higher levels, they need a supplement for their serjeants, a ranged damage dealer - available all game long (especially in their very weak early game), to allow a smooth transitioning with first crusade.

At low ELO they actually might be nuts :0

I just tested the farm extra food bonus. If you play a standard scout rush and delay your first farms until horse collar is researched you don’t need to reseed any farms at the beginning of castle age… Meaning you don’t need any wood at that point if you do a one TC push.

So, standard vill distribution after a scout rush while going to castle age:
10wood, 18Farms, 5gold.

Before reaching castle age: build 2 extra stables and move ALL 10 woodchoppers to gold.
→ 18 on Farms, 15 on gold.

Set the gather point of your TC to wood and constantly produce knights from 3 stables that can’t be easily countered by pikes because of the bonus damage reduction!

Eco management is extremely easy for the next minutes, just keep the vills going to wood and add a few farms at some point.

That is such an easy to play low ELO build order that puts extreme pressure on the opponent in early castle… :thinking:

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The problem is, ath higher levels you can’t execute these strats. They need a lot of foresay (is this right?) and aren’t flexible. Of course if you are in a comfortable position to pressure the opponent WHILE you are protected from raids at home, you can make use of their best eco bonus, the faster tcs. But the key is, that you need to pressure and be safe at the same time with basically no eco bonus that comes in handy until the 20 min mark.

And as your opponent is aware of this weakness early on he will try to exploit it. Try to pressure you early on, as he knows if he would allow you to boom freely, you could make advantage of your bonusses.

So practically, the bonusses only work against players who don’t know the weaknesses of the civ against being pressured. And funnily, sotl actually mentions this in his video also.

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