Sound issues, Game crash, AI buildings looks greyed and dotted

I played a couple of skirmish games yesterday in the DE beta version.
Firstly, the game crashed twice at the very beginning.
Secondly, I am unable to hear any sound from the game, none whatsoever.
Thirdly, the AI’s buildings were greyed out and were spotted with many dots on them for some reason.
I had never faced these issues in the previous beta versions.

My system specifications:
8 gb ram
6gb vram nvidia Geforce RTX 2060
i5-9300H CPU @ 2.40GHz

The below image from @MagicFall681447 shows exactly how it was.

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Hey there,

From the images, it looks like you have the Pattern Overlay option enabled in your Graphics Settings. This is a feature which places a different pattern over each different player’s units/buildings to assist colorblind players . You can alter this setting by going to OPTIONS > ACCESSIBILITY . Thanks!

For some of your other issues, can you try the steps on this support article? Thanks


Thank you, it works now.

Having some sort of weird sound issue where sound seems to “pulse” quiet every now and then

Have you tried some troubleshootings?
Like changing headphones (or whatever audio device you are using), trying on other games, reinstalling the game or audio drivers maybe?

I’ve noticed some “pulsing” with the music when I’m playing Skirmish. I’m not sure if this has been addressed in later builds, but with this it seems to have almost a consistent period of the music quieting or skipping.

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