Sound randomly disappears

Sometimes all game sounds randomly stop working. Usually happens when loading into a game. Does anyone know why this is happening or has anyone else experienced this before?


I’m getting this sometimes too.

Especially when waiting in queue for long time it just dies.

@Sogomn, @Daffan4833
Does this happen when alt-tabbing?

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Haven’t had the issue for a while now.
If I remember correctly it always happened when loading into a game.

Definitely not due to outtabbing. The game just runs out of sound or something at some point and you have to restart it.

Dunno. It happens randomly.

Sometimes I’l be alt tabbed and sound just runs out.

But other times I’m waiting in ranked queue and it just stops.

Like the music just runs out and poof gone.

It also seems to (or at least can) have something to do with the game not closing cleanly. Even exiting it from the menu it takes several seconds to disappear from Task Manager, and I have then also had it kill sound in other apps, so it is certainly not being a friendly Windows citizen at this time.

Maybe it’s from too many sounds playing at once? I get this audio loss/pause a lot but generally it’s deep into a game.