Sound randomly stops working. Only restarting fixes this

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.33059.0 4403464)
  • Platform Steam


Sound randomly stops working, it seems to occur when alt-tabbing. Extremely annoying when you’ve already started a multiplayer game.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Launch the game
  2. Enter matchmaking queue
  3. alt-tab and browse forums/twitch
  4. alt-tab back to the game
  5. The game launches without any sound.

This occurs regularly, but it’s hard to pinpoint the cause.


It has sometimes happened to me when during intro cinematic of DE I alt-tab out to do something else while game loads. Sound will be gone and won’t come back until restart.

Happened to me aswell

I now had sound stopped working in DE when it was running alt-tabbed into background in main menu for considerable amount of time. Previously it had only happened when alt-tabbing during intro cinematic.

EDIT: And sound stopped working again. I launched DE, alt-tabbed out to do other things while game was loading (meanwhile sound was playing). When I heard main menu music I alt-tabbed back into game and sound stopped working exactly at that moment. Like before, when sound stops working, it never comes back until restart.

This has happened to both me and my friend.

Happened two consecutive times again. Very frustrating.

Has this bug been confirmed by a developer?

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I confirm this has happened to me and my friend on different PCs in different multiplayer games.

This has happened quite often. Seems to be the easiest way how to reproduce this bug.

Yes, this also has happened to me, but I don’t know where exactly it has happened, seems like when I alt tabbed at the beginning of the game when it started to launch.

Happened to me again, I was alt-tabed and in window mode waiting for matchmake

Game Version:

  • Build (33164.4413571)
  • Platform (Steam)


sometimes sound of whole game get mute.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start the app
  2. when intro started and you hear the sound, use windows key (or alt+tab) to come back to desktop
  3. work with some other apps (i’m not sure what exactly, but it happened more than 3 times for me)
  4. then click on the screen of game in background of your current window.
  5. sound get muted. (but everything else work correctly, you can play completely)

Not possible :slight_smile:

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I can confirm this bug and it happens 100% of the times I’ve alt-tabbed by accident (which is a lot).

Really annoying as it makes the game harder to play and less fun in general. It happens in any of the window modes, fullscreen, borderless, doesn’t matter, requires a hard restart.

I hope it gets fixed soon :frowning:

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This still happens on 35209. I’m not alt-tabbing out. Just restarting a game could cause this.

Bump, this is still happening.

Bump, this is very annoying.

Good news! It sounds like we have a fix in the works for this issue; hang tight, watch for it in an upcoming update, and let us know if it continues after that point! =)


Interestingly I have not encountered this issue anymore recently. Thought, that it was fixed already

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I’m encountering it a lot more, really hope this fix works.

Hey there, everyone! This issue should no longer be occurring as of Update 36906; please let me know if you continue to encounter it after updating to the latest build so we can re-open the discussion thread if that is the case.

Thanks again for all your reports!