Sound 'sounds' weird after AOE2DE launched

Hello community,

I (very) recently changed my setup but not my headphones. It can be wired or BT Sony WH-XB910N.
Sunday, I finally received my BT receiver to connect the headphones to BT (Previous Setup was a laptop).
I usually play while listening to music from YT. Since switching to BT mode, when launching AOE2DE the sound “changes” to a very strange quality, like in the good old days. No problem in wired, the sound card is a classic realtek.
Yeah, the workaround with wired is not an option. I’m going to lose “noise cancellation” and I’ll have to hear my kids complaining.
Going to sound configuration in windows and changing ‘Spacial Audio’ to on or off during the game running correct the sound to good stuff.
Any kind of ideas are welcome.
Already tried basic things like ‘repair’.
I’ve no clues why it’s only in that game (not many games installed but tried with Chivalry and no prob)

Thx for your help

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I’m having a similar issue, not working with BT speakers but It works ok with onboard speakers

nobody else ?
Any idea how to get help from official support?