[Soundtrack] Main menu beta soundtrack

Hello, can anyone(developers I guess) provide me the beta soundtrack used for the main menu before the current soundtrack we have now in the game? I know the current soundtrack was also used in the beta but there was another version before it and that is what I am looking for. For what I can remember I am sure it was around build v.28411 and that I heard it while playing the beta after the 10th of September 2019. My intention is having a mod made with it that replaces the current main menu soundtrack though I am not currently able to, so if someone wants to that would be great. Otherwise I’ll do it in the future, but nonetheless I need that soundtrack to do that :slight_smile:

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I was not in beta but am curious to listen to that soundtrack! I hope you get to collect it from somewhere.

@StepS7578 Perhaps you have got the soundtrack?

The mod’s available here!

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