Soundtrack on Spotify?

Does anyone know if the official Age Of Empires III: DE soundtrack will be available on Spotify?

Of the above if they were published. Example: Todd Masten Profile



Hi @Cundarg, It should be. On October 15th is my guess.

May the Age of Empires III: DE soundtrack please be released on streaming services and digital music stores in addition to Steam?

With every definitive edition release I have looked forward to listening to the soundtrack when not playing the game away from my PC. For Age of Empires: DE and Age of Empires II: DE the soundtracks were available on a wide variety of streaming services and digital music stores on the release day of the game or before. Strangely, the Age of Empires III: DE soundtrack is currently only available for purchase on Steam. While it may be necessary to release the soundtrack on Steam for fans in some regions, I would really like to have the convenience of streaming the soundtrack from my phone without needing to manually transfer over music files to the device.


Any clue about this?

Hey everyone! A little bit of a bump, but worth it for you soundtrack fanatics~

Thank you all so much for your suggestions about having the soundtrack elsewhere – we are working on this and expecting the soundtrack to be available in all major music services in November!


Please tell me there will be the full orchestral version of the main menu music that was heard in the trailers and I’m already happy, because they are not on the Steam soundtracks.

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Thank you for this information Rin!

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Will the soundtrack be coming to Spotify? Out of all the OST’s this one is my favourite and I’d love to have it banging on my headphones all the time.

Hi @Ridercs35, I moved your post over to the main topic for the soundtrack request on Spotify. As Rin said above the soundtrack will be widely available as soon as next week.

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The soundtrack is available now!