[South America] Multiplayer Lag during any combat


Me and my friends are experiencing extreme lag during multiplayer matches against A.I and some PvP.
The lagging occurs basically when any unit starts to fight against each other.

I cannot understand why we can’t host matches on our own without being on LAN (who plays on LAN nowadays?). This is really basics of multiplayer gaming, and you guys have years and years of experience on that matter.

We love the game, but this launch was terrible. The game is broken in so many ways, and the servers aren’t handling the load (my guess).

Please don’t tell me this game is just a funding for AoE4. We paid for a game and we simply can’t play it. The frustration is on the roof…

This is happening since the game launch, and it’s really making the game unplayable. Please let us know what’s happening, otherwise I guess it’s better to go back to Starcraft and Blizzard.

Thanks in advance.

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I am having similar problems. Its feels like the servers are not handling the load. This happens especially in peek times and with games that have 4+ players. What I don’t understand is that the frame rate drops to 1 when there is lag. This can sometimes make the game unresponsive for 10 seconds or cause a crash. (My frame rate is usually 100+). It cant be my internet since I play many online games and I don’t any troubles. Also when this happens I can see the ping symbol go yellow often next to all the players names.