Spain balance patch

Its just me or Spain is being nerfed to the ground?

I get that Spain is an OP civ in 1vs1 but at the end of the day it has little viable strategies when you play it and even though this isnt to much of a problem in 1vs1 matches because it will continue to be a strong civ, this completely destroy the civ in team games.

In team games Spain is objetively one of the worst civ in the game because of its high dependance on melee units and poor economy and changes like this only contribute to make it worst in this kind of matches. I would wish that devs for once give Spain a buff that can be usefull in teamgames, like for example changing that one card that nobody uses (Tercio Tactics) for something like for example: Rodeleros and pikemen gain x resistance agains range attacks or give rodeleros more speed and pikemen +1 agains cav.


When you said that Spain is op in 1vs1 stop reading, I’m sorry, this as much as they intimidate and besiege you with the fact that Spain is tier S (what a madness) is not like that, they know it but for some interest that pressure is maintained that even must remain nerfed (almost no players with this civ). The same problems that they have as a team have them in 1vs1. the pros win because they win with anything, they have a brutal micro, macro and apm. That’s why they think it’s fine but it’s not, they’re the good ones, not the civ, it’s more if there were statistics I’m sure it would be the top3 of the least used civs even in 1vs1. You just have to read the descriptions of civilizations and see the pejorative connotations that a single civilization receives and the whitening of the history of others, the contempt is clear

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The individual champion does not mean that the team must also get excellent results.

In the last era, Spain was a country with advanced gunpowder(AGE2)
In this era, it turned into a country characterized by the use of cold weapons
Previously only Spain could have Royal Spearmen , now Sweden also has them,

Aboriginal countries can also transport unique troops
Rodelero and Lancer were even Spanish conquerors. I think the uniqueness of Spain is compromised.
Hope to improve this problem

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Also, if we go more precise in the story, the famous spanish tercios in the modern era were composed with pikemen who also carried shortsword for hand to hand combat and arquebusiers or musketeers which played a key role in the formation, meanwhile the rodeleros didnt last long till they diseapeared (only the first part of the 16th century) , but in the game all the special units that gave to spanish are melee for some reason.

In terms of balance there is a thing that I said a lot of times, they should rework the card tercio tactics. Is a card that is totally pointless and that nobody uses because is totally useless and while other civs have a few specials cards to upgrade in some way their main units, the only one that spain has is the “caballeros” one (with special I dont count the ones that have each civ for some kind of unit like french with “Long-range infantry hitpoints”).

It would be great if they reworked this card to give a special upgrades to the rodeleros and pikemen that so desperetly need in age 4 and forward to still be viable. The change that I propose is that instead of being a one-use-card that changes pikemen to rodelero, it allows pikemen and rodelero being able to switch between units like when you change an artillery unit from siegue to movile formation (which it would make sense from a historical point of view) which would give a lot more flexivility and use to both units in lategame.


Sounds cool, add 12 pikeman too