Spain needs something

Hi, Spain is my main civ and my elo ranges from 1200 - 1350.
I believe Spain underperforms a little due to its weak eco and reliance on melee. For instance France mops the floor with me almost every game with more eco and more army. With a very slight buff I think it could be a perfectly balanced civ.
My proposed buff is to make their shipments arrive a few seconds (5s, 3s?) faster and/or make their xp 70% to get a shipment instead of 72%.
They don’t need anything drastic in my opinion, but this small boost would give spain the small boost they need without changing their civ identity.
Hopefully the Dev gods hear my prayers🤓

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I don’t understand why the devs keep saying Spain is underperforming and underused, when they’re actually pretty much the only counter to Swedes, which are most “players”

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The devs say it is underperforming in Treaty. In 1v1 it is not underperforming at all.

Note my emphasis on slight … What harm could a 1% or 2% buff have?

There is no 1%-2% buff, everything has gradually increasing snowballing in this game.

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Didn’t they say its underperforming in teams?
Also I think 1v1 they are fine.
Against France you need to scout what they are doing and what units they are going for
Most times it all comes up to who wins the 2 falc war, however france can just stay age 2 and mass units to deal with the 2 falc timing then age behind it.
Also spain has the option now of keeping up with the French eco with Spanish gold and now with the nerf to cuirs Spain should have a much better chance when it comes to mid/late game.


Saying they’re underperforming in Treaty, and yet completely ignoring native civs which are actually completely useless in Treaty is kind of hypocritical on their part. For all the talk of censorship and being more “honest and supportive towards natives”, they sure don’t care about actually making their civs playable, huh

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One thing does not have to do with the other.
What holds most Native civs back is lack of Mercenaries and Cannon. Hauds are held back by overelliance on Wood.

Hauds could get the new Aztec Mining effect, eventually, in one of their cards (I propose on Conservative Tactics, but just make the units cost a lot more Food, instead of Food and Gold).

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No, what holds 'em back in Treaty is their complete lack of an eco. Heck, you know a simple fix that would easily make 'em viable, and still be loyal to native mechanics? A ceremonial plaza dance that acts as a factory. Boom, all problems instantly fixed. Viable in Treaty, still balanced outside of Treaty since you couldn’t use the damage/siege dances at the same time

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Spain is a civ that is impossible to balance, so better don’t touch them to avoid a snowball effect.

They’re way too good in 1v1, it’s a bot civ that rely on massing fast with cards + age up for 99% of the players. And then pushing once you’re age 3.

There’s literally no macro = no eco. So they are very bad in team cause they can’t just expect to win with one big fight only. Basically spain can’t remass as good as others civs if they lost all troops.

If you want to win 300 elo, just learn by heart how to do the spain ff on 1v1 and spam it every game, you will loose the bad mu and win the good ones. :stuck_out_tongue:


Unless you are talking about Hauds, all other Natives have good Eco.

-Incas have Food and Gold trickles on Kanchas and Estates, and Wood trickle from Llamas that cost no pop, at the Community Plaza.
-Aztecs have a boatload of Economic cards, one of which just got buffed, though moved to Industrial Age.
-Lakota practically do not need Wood, so they can use all that Wood and VIlls taht would be gathering it, to just make Farms and spam Axe Riders (some of the best Hand Cavalry in the game) and Rifle Riders.

Inca, Aztecs and Lakota Economies are pretty good for Treaty.

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Unless they fix the Aztec mining asap, I don’t count Aztec is good for treaty. Lakota may be, but with the lack of ranged siege option in age 4&5, and only 20% estate rate card make their coin gather rate average at best, combine that with their 75 villager economy, though this can be argued that their troop cost more food, and gold heavy unit is only RR.

+40% mining and making Coyotes and Otontins use Coin instead of Wood, is not good enough in your opinion?

Aztec Mining is now a mandatory card in Aztecs decks.

its good but bugged atm , it doesn’t remove wood cost.


It does, or at least it did to me.

Not in the bugged state. Otherwise the only viable treaty late gane composition for Aztec only ERK and Arrow Knight.

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It is bugged, I just experienced it now.
On my previous 2 matches as Aztecs, it worked, but on the more recent one, it just gave my Otontins and Coyotes a Coin cost on to of the Wood cost.

huh so its inconsistent somehow interesting

May depend on map, or perhaps it is like Confuciu’s Gift on realese, that it breaks when you send something else first, or something.

if spain needs something for 1v1 sup, is probably a nerf lol