Spain new cards missing

Hi, I dont know if this goes here because is a mix of 2 topics regarding the changelog but I will leave if here.

1- I cant seem to find the new 2 cards that were Spain was going to recive:

  • [NEW] 11 Pandours (III): Added to homecity
  • [NEW] 9 Habsburg Allies (II): Added to homecity, sends 9 Mounted Infantry, costs 500c
    If anyone could say if Im blind or in fact they forgot to add them I would be gratefull

2-This is more of a rant, but why is that spanish changes are mostly mercanaries. I mean, nobody use mercanaries with Spain to start so why of half of the changes and the 2 additions have to be giving spanish european mercenaries? This may sound dumb but with a civ that already has problems with its eco vs other civs is a bit worthless to give them cards that cost money

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400 was in DE launching, devs nerfed Spanish gold to 360 and later to 300

then my bad, even though I play spanish I still thought they gave 400 c still, I will rewrite last part

Many cards in the patch notes are just listed in the wrong age. Habsburg allies is in age 3 IIRC. Pandours are missing though.