Spain should be allowed to build additional churches

It feels weird to play spain in a map with no TP, especially since spain cannot build a church in the first age, so I was thinking, why not allow spain to build maybe two or three churches? maybe even from age 1? if you want you can limit the number of churches up to the current age (1 in discovery, 2 in colonnial, 3 in fortress, etc)

A church costs 75% the wood of a trading post and don’t even gives half the experience of one, this would not make the civ OP it would just make it a little more consistent in maps with no TP

I mean, its on theme! I am a Mexican, and if you come to México and visit any of the colonnial cities (and many other towns founded during the colonnial period like my home town) you will find two things, beautiful colonnial architecture, and a lot of pretty colonnial churches (and I mean a lot, and very close to each other too).

Unrelated fun fact:
The reason my hometown has a lot of churches (4 of them are colonnial, 6 if you count those across the river, all of them are pokestops now) is because they found a log shaped like jesus and they wanted to build a big church for it, so the towns made a raffle, and our town won not one but twice! So our town became head of the other towns (church was very interwined with the goverment) and there is a neighbor town who still hate us, lol


I do not see why Double Church should be available, but if any civ should have it, it would definitely be Spain.
Perhaps as an attachment to teh Team Inquisition card.

Not only would it be good historical representation (Spanish “convert or die” doctrine involved rewarding the convert with a lot of Churches, Schools and Hospitals, all run and staffed by catholic priests), but also synergize quite a bit with teh faster shipments mechanic.


Thematically its sound but it also sounds overpowered in practice. I agree an age 1 church like ottos would be fine. I think like JonOli12 said adding it to a card would be better then a passive buff, feels more balanced.


u don’t need double church on maps whitout TP u have 30% of advantadge whit shipments , enemy can not build TP too , if u want more church for Spain for that reason , every civ , otto especially need too

If they do this they should do it for every civ that heavily depend on TPs/xp, like Spain, China, Ports and Germany.


Yes! Not sure about china (maybe through german consulate) but totally agree with germans and portuguese!

While this is not a race to say who killed more people with inquisition/colonialism and there will be people that will try mythify the Spanish colonial history, Spanish weren’t different to other colonial powers. And try to understand that religious wars disguised political and powers wars.

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Germans could easily have a card referencing the reformation allowing them to build an additional church. There are dozens of events and people the card could be named after. I would even fit in with their 30 years war theme.
For bonus point the additional church could have a protestant look.

“Spanish civilization crushed the Indian. English civilization scorned and neglected him. French civilization embraced and cherished him.” - Francis Parkman, an intellectual

Indeed, if anybody gets a second church it should be the Spanish.

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I don’t think letting the government be secular is a good idea :clown_face:

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Too much Secularism is like too much Religion: it clouds critical thinking by enforcing a dogma, and produces fanatics.

what things would critical thinking result in

Pragmatic solutions to real problems, and a view point on life that is not wholly derived from adherence to a specific creed.

If you cannot examine what you have been told or believe in, from an impartial perspective, then you lack critical thinking.
That involves trying to understand all the possible ramifications of every bit of knowledge you get and everything you say, something that Mr Dawkins failed to do, for example, and already said he regrets it.

Before something new is brought forth into the world, you have to internalize that it will inevitably have negative consequences, even to you, and you will have to burden them, because you are responsible for it now.
Nothing will ever lead to Utopia, everything always has a price, and the success of some is only ever achieved in the crushing of others.

All of you need a master class of Spanish black legend, u are a victim of anglosaxon version of history. Spain don’t need a second church or any other civ , if u want buff and buff civs finally this game will be super easy and lammer to play. TAD was better than DE for that reason…


That is an option, you could also give the monastery an xp trickle. This also would incentivize players to use more outlaws/mercs to compensate for China’s weaknesses and round their army compositions to counter enemy troops more effectively.


I thought that monasteries already have xp, like churches, definitely in favor of that


They do not, and China is the only Asian civ without XP trickle (India has Sacred Fields and Japan has a Church, Torii Gates and a card that enables XP trickle from Shines).

Monasteries are also better than Churches as it too, since they can train Outlaws and Mercs, while also having Monk upgrades.

Churches were just almost nver built before they got an XP trickle, while Monasteries often were.

Yeah you would think so, sadly they don’t. I’ve been thinking about your German consulate suggestion and I think it’s a good one; even if you add xp trickle to monastery, that would only make China on pair with the current European civs. So I think that if your original proposal is implemented, so should the Monastery + German consulate one.

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I think that spain should have a unique unit, the tercios who could be a mix between a musketeer and a piqueman, so he would be strong vs cavalry and infantry. Because the pikeman of spain are most of the time useless (in end game at least).

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Lancer, Rodelero, Missionary.
Spain has more unique units than Portugal, Great Britain and Dutch, for example.

I would like for Spain to get an Armoured Musketeer (Sleeved Musketeer/ Mosquetero de las Mangas), but it HAS plenty of unique units, already.

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