Spanish and Portuguese change

I suggest that spanish bombard canons become effected by their bonus towards canon galleons.
(Increases projectile speed and gives a tracking feature to them making it harder to dodge)
Or only effect accuracy the same as the portuguese bonus.

Secondly I suggest that portuguese’s unique tech only effects bombard towers and gunpowder units, except bombard canons, effectively giving spanish a reason to not have siege engineers, and nerfing the ‘hold’ ability that portuguese currently retain with their hard to dodge cheap bombards with unlimited resource ability.

This effectively will make Spanish BBTs broken, BBTs are balanced by the fact that fast units can dodge the projectiles, with this, you basically make Spanish close to unbeatable in Arena and black forest.

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It would effect spanish bombard canons, not bombard towers.

Still my point is on.

Alright, then have it effect the accuracy but not the speed.

Added addition to main post.

He was talking about bombard cannons but BBT’s would still be useless agianst cannon galleons because of their range

tracking on BBC is fine I would give an accuracy or damage towards their HC’s

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I think the extra accuracy with the bombard canon alongside the current faster firing gunpowder units may be enough of a buff for the gunpowder civ as a whole

All that said and added to the main post, my personal opinion is that spanish bombard canons and canon galleons should be interchangeable and be effected the same way.

While I think that Spanish Gunpowder is overall bad, despite popular belief, Spanish lategame is better than Portuguese lategame in my eyes.

So, while this is a coherent change in terms of gunpowder balance, I think that Portuguese should receive something to compensate for it. Or not, Spanish cannonballs just move really fast, I don’t think they are even affected by ballistics. Both could have “ballistics”- Ports the normal one, and Spanish just really fast moving cannonballs. Could also extent it to all gunpownder units for Spanish, and 100% accuracy. And Conqs still won’t be enough to justify the state of spanish overall.

There probably is a better way to address the current state of those civs, as @FurtherLime7936 said.

Oh, and by the way- for BBC, I’d take SE over 15% faster firing any day of the week. Buff Spanish ffs, outside of conqs castle drops they have literally nothing.

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For Spanish, I prefer making researching BBT and elite cannon galleon free rather than the high speed cannon ball.

You’re making it too complicated, Portuguese BBC is the only thing they got in Imp, besides that very generic army. Spanish have Paladins and a suprior trash units.

Anyways, Bohemians upgraded BBC is the true alpha, and considering Bohemians tech tree, pretty much impossible to be countered in closed maps. This should be addressed rather.

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