Spanish cannon ships dont fit in the game

I know, lots of you might think they are funny and a good bonus for the civ, but in my opinion spanish cannon ships are stupid. Before, only portugese had the advantage of ballistic-gunpowder, and even that only through their unic tech. Giving spanish not just fast fiering, but also ballistic-cannonships as standard civ bonus (without any tech needed) is just broken and screw up the whole water meta/waterfights. Actually it should not be possible to go for mass cannon ships and stomp every other fleet coming their way.

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It really should. The water meta is so messed up/stale anyway, and Spanish are only really top tier on nomad, and sometimes arena, so I think it’s fine for their cannon galleons to be really good.

It’s just too much, reduce the speed a bit and balance from there

Replacing it with an better water bonus might be a better idea.

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It’s the other cannon units that suck.
It shouldn’t be possible to sidestep bombard projectiles, because it’s really no strategy at all, just micro skill that can be taken away by lag imbalance.
It shouldn’t be possible to avoid ANY projectile, why put armor on units if we can just avoid bullets?
Mangonels, bombards and bombard towers should be buffed too, their projectile travel speed is pathetic.

This game should be focused on strategy, not on the ability to spam clicks with gaming mouses/keyboards. It’s not a fps game.


I always support that the free elite cannon ship upgrade replaces the faster cannon balls.
Strategically, that will be more useful, helpful and convenient I think.


You are aware the Spanish bonus was added to the game first right? So they are hardly stealing from Portuguese. It’s also fine if one Spanish gunpowder unit is more accurate than its Portuguese counterpart because it’s only one unit and its Portuguese counterpart has more HP and more armour anyway. Lastly, it’s a not a civ that gets its naval bonus in imperial age that’s going to break the meta. Spanish are actually quite bad on water.


go play aoe4? micro is what many of us really enjoy about aoe2. to each their own