Spanish Corselet Rush

Earlier I was trying to get creative with Spanish age2 options and I thought of this strategy, let me know your thoughts!

The premise is do standard aggressive age 2 play from double rax, send church card, research corselet which boosts Heavy Infantry HP +25% but reduces speed-15%. Keep up pressure, swarm their base with TANKY age2 musks and dogs, and eventually get unction. I’ve tried it out 3 times on the 1v1 ladder today (my elo is 1350ish) and it’s worked pretty well, I beat Inca and Swedes and lost to British (but it was close)

The card order is this:

3v - 700w - 700c - 7 rods - church card - 5th shipment either 600w, 700f, 8 pike or unction


Early TP, age 16 villies Philosopher Prince for the 500f crate

Transition to Age2:

Chop a bunch of wood for rax and a church
Send two villies to build forward rax and church as close as possible to enemy base (because your musks will walk SLOW)

Switch almost all vills to food except 2 on gold, as the 700c should fuel musk production a while, eventually put more vills on coin.

Build second rax with 700wood + market upgrades + houses

Attack with your first batch of dogs and musk, keep explorer safe for dog production.
Keep pressure up from two rax, once corselet is researched your musks will be juggernauts, then send unction and you’ll have a powerful age2 army. At some point get a stable for huss because your infantry will be too slow to move around map easily.

Also have advanced arsenal in your deck for military drummers to regain some of your speed.

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Isn’t this stopped by the usual anti spain rush openings? You still lack siege potential.

Musks have good siege, and the 8 pikes with corselet are tanky, it worked vs Swedes and Inca.
Definitely wouldn’t recommend for all matchups.
But you’d be surprised, the musks just won’t die with 25% hp in age 2, that’s better than age 2 British musks.
I mainly wanted to use this strat against civs that Spain struggles with anyways (brits, japan, swedes) and try something outside the box.

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Spain struggle vs brit and maybe vs lakota (vs sweden ofc because swe is the best civ but they don’t struggle more than any other civ). Spain don’t struggle vs japan.

Corslet is a very bad upg, your musk are better but the lack of speed mean you can’t take a good position when you fight. Against brit, you will age 20 sec slower than him (brit age arround 4.15, spain 4.35 if 16 vills) so you can’t realy rush. He will out boom and outmass in pure musk in early age 2 before you got corslet, and if you manage to tech corslet, he can defend because of a way bigger mass.

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Then maybe just aging 15 vill and make a tp in transition would be better

Yes but corslet is still not great ^^. From my experience the best way to use this card is something like 700w/700g/church and hit a big timing on it (you need to be under your opponenet tc when corslet pop out), and it’s not viable anyway (there are better age 2 all in with spain and none of them are better than ff).
Slow musk is atrocious

Might be best used as a part of the church rush when you already have the halbs and cannons in the enemy base +25% HP on the halbs could be deadly

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Yeah, the idea is to definitely get in their base with a good mass then research corselet then start introducing hussars for mobility, I’ll see about going halb first after sending 600 wood, shouldn’t be that hard to macro.
I think it works best against boomers (not Dutch skirm or otto abus) and it’s especially useful to mitigate extra damage from colonial militia TC fire.

Corselet could be good if the speed penalty were reduced to 10% so then you could offset it completely with the Advanced Arsenal speed upgrade. But even then I see it being more useful in team rushes than in 1v1 as it would take too long to send Corselet and then Advanced Arsenal to make a difference in 1v1 rush.


Corslet is super bad in team where the mobility is a way more important. You can’t play in a long run with corslet, it’s not an option at all, your musk become obsolet (with 3.4 speed vs skirm??), and rods become bad (because to slow to do their job)

Did you read what I said? I said that it COULD be good if they reduced the speed penalty to -10% from -15%. At least then, you could get Advanced Arsenal (get the +10% speed upgrade) and even out the speed of your units. But since you have to invest 2 shipments, I only see it being useful in a team setting. Understand what I’m trying to say?

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I understand perfectly and it’s wrong lol. Corslet is WORST in team (regardless 10 or 15% penalty) because speed matter more in team.

Corselet is only decent when well timed with a Pikeman Siege Rush, but because the timing is so hard to get right, and people are so good at defending rushes nowadays, it is perfectly pointless.

I remember when it was used with the 8 Pikemen card, you would send them to the enemy Town, time Corselet so it finishes only when the Pikes are already near, and the just Siege down the TC.

You just cannot do that anymore. Everyone has 8 Crossbows or 6 Musks ready, all the time, nowadays.

Ok, so you didn’t understand me. I’m not sure if I’m not explaining myself clearly or you’re having trouble understanding me. I’m going to try to explain it again.

Corselet has a -15% speed penalty for heavy infantry, right? The Advanced Arsenal upgrade has a +10 % speed upgrade for all infantry, right? Right now, if you research Corselet and get the speed bonus from the Advanced Arsenal you end up with -5% speed (-15% +10% = -5%) on your heavy infantry. I agree with you that speed is very important (if not the most important stat in the game) especially in team games. Considering this, Corselet is not viable except in a few scenarios. So, what I was saying before is that if the Devs decreased Corselet’s speed penalty from -15% to -10%, you would be able to cancel out the speed penalty completely (-10% +10% = 0%) with the Advanced Arsenal speed upgrade. And therefore, this change would make Corselet very useful and viable in most scenarios as long as you have Advanced Arsenal in your deck. Essentially +25% HP to all heavy infantry without any penalties.

Is that a bit clearer?

Yes it is ^^. Probably not that good anyway (because i think it’s better musk with 4.4 speed rather than musk with 4 speed and +25%hp and one less card) but idk, definitly the speed penalty could be ajusted for balance purpose.