Spanish localization errors

I’ve found some erroneous or confusing translations in the spanish localization of the game.
Right now, I’ve found the following


  • The Horticulture tech description refers to boosting the gathering speed of food (this can be interpreted to include food gathered from berrys or hunted animals). This however isn’t a problem of translation, as the original tooltip its also vague
    age 4 horticultura
    age 4 horticulture

  • Keeps being refered as Watchtowers (and can easily be confused with Outposts). This leads to miss use of some civ specific bonuses, like with the french or the abassyds.
    Age 4 centros medicos
    age 4 medical centers


  • Fresh foodstuffs description reads: Reduce the cost to produce villagers to -50 (missing a %)
    age 4 alimentos frescos
    age 4 fresh foodstuffs

  • Improved Proscesing description reads: “Villagers drop off 8” (Missing the + and a %). This one is big as it changes how the upgrade works from the original percentage based bonus (so, it scales with other upgrades) to a fixed +8 resources
    age 4 procesamiento mejorado
    Age 4 improved processing


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Thank you @GochoARG! We appreciate your attention to detail and are now tracking these internally.