Spanish should get no Gold Upgrade Stables along with the blacksmith bonus

How strong would spanish be with this bonus? They mostly go cav in games and it is only generic. I believe each paladin civ shouldn’t be generic since its a lot of res and time for one upgrade and spanish dont even have the eco to support it so this bonus should give them even more motivation to go cav instead of conqs.

So you want to make Spanish another generic Knight civ for the sake of balance, I dont thinks this murder of identity is justified. Besides that it makes them strong where they’re already strong, post-Imp, no point.


Spanish are already a strong civ on several other maps.
I think spanish could be adjusted a bit so they aren’t as domnant in these other maps and more viable on open maps, but for sure no straight buff. That would just make them OP on the maps they already excel in.

Someone suggested removing the gold cost on Bloodlines in another thread. That would benefit Spanish scouts, and help them make it to Castle Age, at which point the Bloodlines would benefit both Conqs and Knights. Seems like a good idea IMO.

I don’t think removing the gold cost from Cavalier, Paladin and Hussar upgrades is the way to go. That would be far too strong, and only help them in the late game.


I find Spanish excel in team games due to trade, early castle Conq’s and full stable tech tree but 1v1 they’re kind of underwhelming since elite conq’s in late imp are usually not worth it, so I think any nerf would destroy their 1v1 potential. They’re probably fine as they are. I’d say of all the civs in need of a nerf, Spanish are near the bottom of the list.


Just give berries containing extra food as civ bonus, and the BS bonus extended to universities and then they are competent in 1v1 on open maps.


The only university techs affected would be chemistry ans ballistics (the most important ones), but both of them dont cost lots of gold.

Ballistics doesnt affect conquistadors.

So, this wouldnt do much for them, besides making a bit more similar to italians

Still will buff cavalry archer so sapnish can use them more effectively, and also is an important buff on water maps.

Would still make Spanish a straight up worse Italians. They don’t even have heated shot to use that bonus for defense or something. Spanish would also only save 50 gold at best in feudal age. Which makes them worse than not only the trifectia of OP water civs but also weaker than the civs with normal water bonuses like Byzantines or Berbers.

I would give Spanish faster working docks but that would also buff their nomad play.

That’s already the Persian bonus…