Spanish too strong on Nomad style maps

Hi. Mid level 1400 solo random map elo here. I feel Spanish build speed is just way too much of an advantage in Nomad style maps. A similar issue with sicilians was addressed when they could just build their TC nearly instantaneously. From what I understand, Civilisations are balanced around the fact that players begin with TCs in most game modes. This imho should apply to Spanish in Nomad as well. Construction speed should work when a TC exists. If Spanish need an overall buff, thats fine, but having them be ridiculously powerful in one game mode while lackluster in others is just poor game design.

Nerf Nomad Spanish, Buff standard map Spanish

Thank you for your attention.

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Spanish is strong yes, but persians malians lituanians koreans japanese malay byzantines etc are all civs which can compete with. Issue with nomad is that the water bonus are very very strong on it, because lumbercamp is not needed early and we can fish way sooner than any other map so civ which rely on other thing are very bad at it like franks which are very weak compared to the others, spanish is very strong because of the build bonus but not really for the tc it’s only 1 vill after all but primarely because of castle drop conq play especially with the quantities of stones in nomad.
If any civ require nerf on nomad i would rather see persians lituanians.

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Idk, maybe if they get an early game buff on other maps. Right now it’s nice having one map where Spanish are balanced with other civs. The build speed works out to about 1 extra villager.

I’m generally not in favor of making unintuitive exceptions, or watering down civ identity so that they all feel the same. Tbh I think Sicilians should get their build speed as well. It’s just confusing to have some bonuses work and others not in certain game modes (Empire Wars is the worst for this).

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If you just mean the dark age eco part something like persians is still stronger. Spanish isnt that good on any other map so why not let them be a top civ nomad?

about the only part i agree on…

maybe have a look at the stats some time and see how your OP spanish actually fare on nomad… there’s stronger civs than them

Spain gets their TC down a bit sooner, but then their eco bonus stops dead. Compare that to Persians or malians with an entire fishing boat?on top of their eco bonuses starting in DA?

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Which is why those civs should be addressed as well on nomad. 54% win rate for malians is ridiculous, 53% for spanish for elo 1250-1600. Just because other civs are imbalanced on certain does NOT mean we shouldnt address this one.

Spanish are worse than persians, lithuanians, malians.
Whether it’s 1 vil or 1 fishing ship early doesn’t matter.
What does is their lack of any bonus after that, and conqs after the DE nerf aren’t that strong anymore because skirms wreck them so hard.
Buff spanish, I don’t care if they become the best civ on nomad.
There are “best civs” for every map, including arabia.
What’s your problem with spanish on nomad specifically?

So how do you plan on balancing nearly 40 civs across multiple map types without making them weak as heck elsewhere?

Malay. Great on closed maps. Awful of open maps.
Vikings great on open and water. Awful on closed.
Aztecs great on open. Awful in team, closed and water.
Spanish great on nomad and team. Painful elsewhere
Etc etc etc

Oh is that true? I love malay on arabia for super fast up times or same up times with more vills. Great civ imo