Spanish villager time saved due to their bonus?

Has anyone ever calculated a rough average on how much villager time is saved by the spanish due to building everything faster from the start? I’m guessing its small, but it’s definitely still something. It will obviously vary depending on the type of map, and for example not save as much time on black forest (where walling could be minimal) but save more time on arabia.

Saved villager time translates into vils being able to spend more time harvesting, aka its an eco buff. Like how huns dont have to build houses, thus they can easily save more than 13 minutes of villager time just from not having to build 30 houses(or more)

Just wondering by how much spanish are boosted.

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I have done some maths:
assuming you build 10 houses, 1 mill, 2 lumber camps, 2 mining camps, 1 barracks, 1 stable, 1 castle, 2 town centers, 20 farms and 40 palisade walls, you have a total building time of 1565 seconds. The building speed is increased by 30% which means that you save 23% of building time.
1565 * 0,23 = 359,95. Let’s say the average gathering rate is about 22 ressources per minute (=0,366667 res/sec), then you save 359,95 * 0,366667 = 131,981667 ressources.

Of course, you build some buildings (tcs, castle, stable) with multiple villagers which decreases the building efficiency, therefore increasing the total building time. So you might save about 150 ressources until early/mid castle age (of course varying by the build order).


That’s awesome thanks man! At least we know roughly how quantifiable that is and could possibly infer to later stages as well.

150 isn’t terrible at all, especially if we consider the gold spain saves on their blacksmith as well.

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